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ABC-7 confronts El Paso judge who approved a cash-free bond for the man now accused of stabbing a 5-year-old girl

Judge Francisco Dominguez declines to answer questions when approached by ABC-7.
Judge Francisco Dominguez declines to answer questions when approached by ABC-7.

EL PASO, Texas -- ABC-7 tried to get answers Monday from the El Paso judge who signed off on a personal recognizance bond for the man now accused of stabbing and seriously wounding a 5-year-old girl inside a McDonald's restaurant play area last week.

Judge Francisco Dominguez had granted the PR release to Isaac Dorfman, who was awaiting trial on an aggravated robbery charge involving a knife when he allegedly attacked the little girl at the fast food restaurant.

Under a personal recognizance bond, a judge allows a criminal defendant to be released from jail without having to post a cash bond to guarantee his appearance at trial.

Some members of the community - including the girl's mother - have questioned why Dorfman, who has a lengthy criminal history, was granted a PR release given that he was accused of a violent crime. District Attorney Jaime Esparaza told ABC-7 that prosecutors had opposed the release, but the judge used his discretion to grant it.

When ABC-7 spotted Dominguez leaving a meeting of the El Paso County Commissioners on Monday, reporter Saul Saenz attempted to question him in an elevator about his decision in the case.

"You're sensationalist," Dominguez proclaimed as he rebuffed an opportunity to explain his decision. "As a judge I am not able to speak on this issue."

The judge also appeared irate that ABC-7 had reported that his assistant, Aurora Molina-Estrada, said he would not be talking to anyone - including the media - about Dorfman's case.

ABC-7 had reached out to the judge through Molina-Estrada last week for comment and perspective on the use of personal recognizance bonds.

You can watch the entire exchange with the judge on Monday in the video player at the top of this article.

After last week's attack, the victim's mother Lesley De La Rosa expressed serious frustration with the judge's decision.

“If it wasn’t for that stupid decision he made, my daughter wouldn’t be going through all this,” De la Rosa told ABC-7.

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



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    1. Are you talking about your white gene mofo a-hole who stabbed the little girl? I hope so memy357 a-hole trying time distract. Your gene pool is abnormal and flawed.

  1. Members of the public may not understand this, but judges can only speak through their rulings. The Code of Judicial Conduct prohibits judges from making comments about their rulings in public in response to inquiries from the press, such as those made by Mr. Saenz. That prohibitions applies to the judge’s staff as well. It was entirely appropriate for Judge Dominguez not to comment.

  2. Oh he’s irate, oh poor baby. Wanna switch places with the little girl that got stabbed multiple times and is in the hospital and will be forever scarred by that incident?

  3. If anyone wonders why LA and San Francisco have thousands of homeless and criminals running the streets, take a very good look at this liberal so called judge and learn why.

      1. You’re driven by your racism. I bet if it was a white judge you’d be calling for his immediate removal from the bench. And why do you keep screaming about mental health issues? Transgender tendencies is considered a mental health issue but the mental health industry is trying to get it removed as no longer being a mental health disorder. What are they saying? It’s NORMAL to behave like that. If that’s the mental health industry’s involvement in social problems then I don’t want them involved in making recommendations to reduce violence. Any industry that doesn’t recognize transgenderism as a SERIOUS mental health disorder should not be driving decisions. I’ve said it before, this violence has nothing to do with guns or mental health. It’s the generation of constant and immediate positive reinforcement. The “I didn’t practice a single day and I didn’t get a single hit or make a single catch but I still deserve a baseball trophy” crowd. These are kids (who are now parents) who got a “Most Improved” certificate in school because they were too lazy to actually qualify for a real award and the Principal told the teachers, “Everyone gets an award”. This loser was probably told he couldn’t do something before he stabbed that girl and flipped out over it. Thank you for that liberals.

    1. Exactly! Seems like these criminals are getting off to easy because they’re the judges and law enforcement personal “street cleaners” they let em loose to kill each other off but they end up harming innocents in the process!

  4. If the tables were turned and his little girl or a family member child got stabbed, would he have done the same or acted the same!? Time to petition this judge out of his Robe!

  5. All the above loser law enforcement feed into the system. Judges, jails, police officers, etc all in the same circle. Plain and simple, they want the money and no jail time. Jail time cost money. They are in the most crooked circle in America. 100% profit with the pretext of lawfulness. Plain bullshit. The cops control everything. If you don’t give them what they want, I.e. frequent raises and retirements, they don’t feed the system through citations. Vicious circle of screwing the citizen and minimizing costs through PR releases. Poor Herrera got the bad end of the stick. Cover it up thru claiming heroism versus exposing a money hungry system.

  6. Hillbillies are morons. Low IQ vermin. “Don’t blame the gun, Blame the trigger puller”. Blame the judge? Lol. Little low IQ morons fall into their own moronic justifications. It’s mental control dummies! Lol.

    1. By the way, ☆☆☆☆☆ to KVIA for finding this “judge” with bad judgement and asking tough questions.
      That’s journalism, as opposed to the biased junk on other stations.

    1. All these knit cap, coffee sipping “social justice” youngsters think this is all fun and games until the actual throwdown begins…
      Then they’re sorry they made an old man angry. Consequences.

    1. Fair question going foreword. This is why. If the judge here is nothing more than a revolving door, as much as we blame the coward that hurt that precious little girl, law enforcement can do little to protect her or anyone else. So the issue is the long haired scum bag that thinks the criminal needs to be protected rather than the victim.

    2. The perp SHOULD NOT have been walking the streets. It’s that simple.
      This judge needs to PAY THE POLITICAL PRICE and soon he’ll be back doing public defender gigs, at $300. a throw.

    1. The great idea of HIGH CASH BAIL is to keep dangerous scumbags like Dorfman IN JAIL while his charges move through the system.
      There was NO GOOD REASON to release a guy who just committed a knife felony.
      You’d be peeing your pants if a gun were involved, wouldn’t you?

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