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‘My dream is to at least take out 200 N******’: El Pasoan arrested for video threat to kill BLM protesters

black lives matter
Protesters march with a giant Black Lives Matter banner during a demonstration last year in New York's Times Square.

EL PASO, Texas -- A 42-year-old El Paso man has been arrested by the FBI and faces federal charges after he allegedly uploaded a racist video to YouTube threatening to kill Black Lives Matter protesters, authorities said Wednesday.

A criminal complaint filed against Manuel Flores by the U.S. Attorney's Office contends he recorded and uploaded a video entitled "N***** Lives Matter" in which he can be seen with an AR-15 assault rifle making threats against demonstrators.

At one point in the video, authorities said Flores stated that "my dream is to at least take out at least 200 N******."

The El Pasoan said he would be traveling through Dallas along Interstate 20 and dared BLM protesters to stop him, according to federal agents who said they arrested Flores in the Dallas area.

Flores is charged with posting a threatening communication over the internet, which carries a five-year prison sentence if he's convicted.

Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. LOL Manuel Flores! I swear, the only “white supremacists” are swarthy looking mutts or mestizos. I can’t blame him for not liking mayates though.

  2. This sounds like something that idiot Alberto and his alias Daniel Flores would do. You don’t have to be a white supremacist to be a nut job domestic terrorist.

    1. Again with this orange buffoon? Did you forget to take your meds today? Did you miss your mental illness treatment appointment? There’s no such thing as an orange buffoon. Did you see a unicorn today too? or a jackalope? Did Tinkerbell come and visit you too? Please seek some help. The make believe characters that live in your brain make you a danger to society.

      1. Fero2a is at least smart enough to admit he’s surprise that it’s a Hispanic trump supporter. Lol. Dumb trumpers are white. Nice Fero!!!!!lol

        1. Not really dolt. That was sarcasm. At the El Paso TRUMP MAGA rally I saw more Hispanics there than whites. Around 80%. You were too busy hiding in your basement.

          1. Sarcasm is the life you have lived and wasted away by being a Racist pig. What a waste. It’s not to late to join normal society even in your last wasted days old man.

          2. Speaking of old fart Alberto. Born 1956? At least I have good medical. Good genes. My mother lived to 93 years old. Yours? Have fun with that welfare medicaid. lmao.

    2. Hey asshat, I was at the Albertson’s I told you I would be at, at the time I told you I would be there, without a mask, but you didn’t show.

    3. You are either Mark Phillip Turner, born in 1946, and a registered sex offender, or just another schizoid personality of Alberto Velarde.

  3. The Racists Pigs are out tonight. Too bad none of them are threatening to kill someone so the FBI can come get them too. Apparently overt racist comments are ok, although in real life these idiots wouldn’t dare say these things anywhere in public for fear of a good old ass kicking. Bunch of Closet Racists. If their next door neighbors knew what trash they are they would have kicked them out of their neighborhood a long time ago.

    1. You taking shifts with your BFF markturner alias Alberto? So easy to tell it is you ranting. The only bigot and racist I see here is you. Don’t worry the FBI will probably be knocking on your door one day especially with your support of domestic terrorist Antifa. BTW – I have no issues with my neighbors. They all like me. Your neighbors, if any, probably hate you.

          1. 1956? I already told you I used to jump up and down on my old oak crib listening to Elvis Presley. Or have you forgotten. Alzheimer’s is a bitch dude. Take care of that.

          2. Hey Alberto I have a good PI file on you so I know the truth about you. You can run but you can’t hide.

      1. Tell them you are a Racist old fart and see how fast they throw your dumb ass out of their neighborhood. Unless they’re also as ignorant as you, son.

          1. Affluent surroundings for a racist old fool. Good for you, bad for a society that needs more decent people instead of loudmouth bigots.

    2. “PLEASE COMMIT CRIMES!!!” You are one pathetic mongoloid you know that? FBI are a bunch of loser feds anyways, defund the FBI. Let’s get real about “defunding the police” starting with federal law enforcement that wasn’t affirmed by the Founding fathers, aka, everything outside of the US Marshals and US Secret Service.

  4. Maga, you know what and who the Orange Bufoon is. Don’t claim to be too dumb to know. In case you’re too simple to know what a buffoon is look it up in the Dictionary, but I guarantee you won’t like it

  5. Apparently you don’t have go be a white supremacist to have a loose screw and threaten someone. You only have to be an old retired goofball with an ego the size of Godzilla who can talk racist trash online without fear of retribution of any kind. Only in the Land of the Free are these things possible.

    1. No just some leftist dolt named Alberto Velarde. He has dozens of lose screws and more dangerous due to psychotic schizo disorder. BTW – I don’t talk trash like you. Still too chicken to come to the Ft. Bliss Rod & Gun Club? It has re-opened now. Put your money where your mouth is …..chicken!

      1. An old retired retard still uses the word Chicken to challenge someone. Why you, I oughtta. You lily livered, yellow bellied, no good sod buster! When where you born? 1856?

  6. Fero has some PI? PI this!(extended middle finger). You only scare little kids when they see you in your raggedy robe and size 5 slippers when you pick up your newspaper early in the morning.

    1. Back at you dolt. You were the one complaining about people posting PI on you. You wanted to take everyone to federal court. Your feelings got hurt. Whiner!

    1. Janmes, you take that slander back! Blue Lives Matter Movement is the real state sanctioned hate team. That ISIS like Blue Lves Matter flag in the beds of blue pickup trucks seen going up & down Dyer Ave in Northeast El Paso sending a message designed to intimidate civilian & coerce politicians meets the Webster definition of TERRORISM.

  7. I don’t agree with what this guy said at all but protesters need to be careful cause there are people out there who will do them harm. It’s all rah rah till the other side is fed up, don’t catch a bullet for this stuff kids vote and talk to each other. You won’t agree with everyone and if all you look for are people who agree with you, you will never grow.

  8. Nothing like grown men acting like children with no intelligent conversation, is there? The rightists are getting shriller and shriller the closer we get to November 3.

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