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Santa Teresa homeowner charged after allegedly hosting party for 70 people amid Covid restrictions

A Sunland Park police patrol car is seen in this file photo.

SANTA TERESA, New Mexico -- After breaking up a house party in Santa Teresa earlier this month, the Sunland Park Police Department is reminding residents to avoid large gatherings.

"It is very important and we stress that as a community, we abide by state and local ordinances/orders," the police department wrote on Facebook.

Police charged the owner of the home, Phillip Gonzalez, with a 'social host' charge for the party on Aug. 16 in the 5800 block of England Drive. According to the department, there were 60 to 70 people at the party.

There were also charges of underage drinking.

"Especially, during a world-wide pandemic please stay safe and maintain your social distance," the police department wrote on Facebook.

The Sunland Park Police Department has jurisdiction over the unincorporated community of Santa Teresa.

Kate Bieri

Kate Bieri is ABC-7’s New Mexico Mobile Newsroom reporter and co-anchors ABC-7’s weekend evening newscasts.



    1. He needs to pay a fine and grow up. NM has done a better job than we have in TX at combating this virus and its idiots like this that could erase that progress.

      1. What’s there to combat moron? The state only has 2 million people compared to 29 million in Texas. Take care of this NM libtard law breaker with your baseball bat. We give you permission.

        1. I think the criminal justice system in NM can deal with this idiot. I’ve only had to use the bat once since July. It works real well if you know how to use it. Most people have no problem figuring out the need for the masks now.

          1. I heard you know how to use it well by sticking it up your fat ass. What a nitwit!

        2. The population of the two states has no relevance. Whats important is the differences in how the states mitigated the virus. NM did a better job. Their positivity rate is 6% right now. Ours in TX is almost 25%.

          1. Alrighty then comrade turner. If population of the two states has no relevance than your 6% positivity ratio is way off if your are comparing it to the Texas ration. You are comparing two different populations and two different rations. Again your math sucks. Typical demoKKKrat always fudging the numbers to meet your stupid analysis.

          2. From what I see he is too ignorant to figure that out. Liberals like to compare apples to oranges.

        1. A little party by Hispanics is WAAAAy different than a whitee coming in and gunning down 23 innocent people. BIG DIFFERENCE. Effin white anomalies. Don’t try to equate.

          1. But they like to stick, stab and club each other so what’s the difference? You are more likely to be killed by a fellow Hispanic in El Paso. Don’t be so racist.

          2. Trump 2020 the difference is they don’t go around sticking and stabbing white maggots like you randomly. Big difference. But nice to know you stick with Crusious. Idiot.

  1. great. I’m sure Wuhan will use this as a reason for keeping us locked down. If you own a home is there a limit to how many people can be in your home? What is that number, who decides, what if they’re family? I’m sure all the charges will be dropped except for the underage drinking, and that should be a hefty fine.

    1. During a pandemic in NM the governor decides how many can be in your house. Its no more than 10 according to the last covid restrictions that were put into place. Its not rocket science and those that cannot understand why we need to avoid crowds during a pandemic are not real bright.

      1. Nitwit comrade turner again trying to decide what is good for independent citizens. The NM governor, nor the local authorities have the Constitutional power to restrict private citizens pendejo. Your fascist motives are clearly revealed by those restrictive moves. Lockdowns do not work. It only delays the inevitable.

  2. COVID19 deniers are up early today. Citing unproven facts, and skewed statistics to prove their point that NOTHING WORKS. Stick to opinions instead of made up facts and Trump talking points. Facts: 177k deaths and rising. Why? Because of unhealthy habits by Covid19 deniers. Why? Because of young people ignoring Science and thinking they are Invincible. Why? Because of a Clueless president not knowing his left hand from his right. As long as we cuddle and beg people to take precautions, they will just ignore the pandemic and do whatever pleases them. Enough threats. Just SHUT IT DOWN and get this problem under control already.

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