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Human trafficking probe led to raids of El Paso massage parlors by federal & state agents

massage parlor raid
Yellow crime scene tape blocks off the area in front of a massage parlor along Mesa Street that was raided.

UPDATE: Authorities said Thursday that the massage parlor raids a day prior stemmed from a long-term investigation into human trafficking that remains ongoing.

DPS officials indicated they had "served 13 search warrants at several massage parlors in the El Paso area."

They added that those searched "resulted in 25 interviews and recovered evidence that supports the offenses of human trafficking (and) prostitution."

Because the probe continues, officials declined further comment.

ORIGINAL REPORT: EL PASO, Texas -- Federal and state agents raided at least two massage parlors in El Paso on Wednesday afternoon.

The businesses were identified by a law enforcement source as Joy Spa Massage and East West Massage. An ABC-7 crew observed those searches take place along North Mesa Street.

Authorities were tight-lipped about the reason for the raids.

A spokesperson for the Texas Department of Public Safety indicated that agents with DPS, the FBI and U.S. Homeland Security were "serving multiple search warrants at various locations in the El Paso area," but declined to elaborate further citing an ongoing investigation.

DPS said it anticipated releasing further details about those searches on Thursday.

Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



    1. Jeff allen, are you taking a break from your patriot duties? The border wall and your presence at the border have really led to a reduction in crime throughout the U.S. We all feel so much safer thanks to you and Tramp’s wall.

      1. I’m here 24/7. Nothing has changed. Born a patriot and I will die a patriot. Here’s a message for a certain keyboard warrior. I always wear my trump hat no matter where I’m at

        1. It didn’t stop shit. You’re an idiot like all supporters of the orange buffoon. True ‘patriots’ do not support an incompetent who is a traitor and a danger to national security. Patriots do not engage in anti-immigrant and racist activities.

          1. You are not a true patriot idiot. You are a subversive communist. Big difference. The wall works. Jeff Allen would know since he sees it first hand every day living right on the border. Your ignorance is getting worse. Put your foot in your mouth.

  1. With the Feds involved possibly human trafficking along with sexual part – prostitution. Don’t mostly Chinese illegal alien woman work these clip joints.

    1. Yeah, kinda like the Chinese “illegal” aliens that built the coast to coast American railroads. Remember the Chinese Exclusionary Act? Sick xenophobia.

      1. You are so daft. Get your facts straight. It was the Page Act of 1875 that banned Chinese woman from immigrating to the U.S. well before the Chinese Exclusion Act. Those successful San Francisco Chinese laundries were really hurt by the exclusion and the U.S. was so xenophobic. . BTW – Chinese merchants, doctors, teachers, travelers, etc. were excluded from the Chinese Exclusion Act. End of class moron.

        1. I didn’t mention the Page Act because I was talking about the Exclusionary Act instead. I know there were two. The point is it both were anti-American xenophobia.

          1. markturner full of crap as usual. Got caught with fake news again. See I proved you are a total moron and you admitted to it. LMAO.

      2. Anytime an illegal takes a job for far less than a legal citizen, it diminishes the quality of life for Americans. That’s what happened then and that’s what happens now. The railroad took advantage of that fact to build their fortune. They still could have built their railroad by paying fair wages but instead paid the illegals, chinese, mexican, blacks, a measly wage. That’s exactly what happens now. Illegals are not helped by taking less pay for a job that a legal American can have.

    1. And this is one of the many weaknesses of the left. You idiots enjoy blurring facts. We’re there illegals working at trump properties? Quite possibly, did trump hire them? I seriously doubt it, pretty sure he wasn’t even aware of them. But all you betas have nothing but lies to stand on

      1. Most of it was debunked or corrective action taken. Even the leftist WaPo ran an article and admitted the illegals on various Trump properties or businesses submitted fake or fraudulent documents to get employment. Steve has an extreme case of TDS so even if the President did good he would complain about it. Orange man bad! lmao.

  2. You’re full of shit. I hired illegals almost exclusively in the hotel business for years. They were paid the same rate as anyone else. I preferred illegals because they wete more reliable and wouldn’t steal from the guests or the hotel. In fact our company paid illegals more because they were better employees than citizens. We preferred that they not be able to speak a word of English as it seemed the more English they knew, the more unreliable they became. Your old bullshit line about immigrants taking American jobs was debunked back when the Irish came to the US and became cops because no one else wanted the jobs. Let that old Nazi bullshit go.

    1. You’re the one who is full of it. No way is that little story true other than the point you made about you hating Americans. We’ve always known that. You the biggest Anti-America, Anti-American person around. Why don’t leave this country. You clearly hate it. You trash it constantly.

      1. I love this country and realize that it was built by immigrants. If you don’t realize that then you are just an anti-American uneducated redneck.

        1. You just did. You admitted that you wouldn’t hire American citizen workers because they all steal were basically lazy and the more English they speak the more unreliable they were. That’s bashing this country. Get the hell out of it.

          1. OriginalMAGAturd, get it through your thick and empty skull – we are anti-Trump not not anti-America!!

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  5. Raids Always occur just prior to an election. Look at last year’s grasping at straws politically motivated’ raid in Central just prior to going to the polls. Feds & Tx Rangers both working to get ole Agent Orange re-elected

    1. Delusioanl much? Raids on these places always happen in El Paso. What’s the matter Alberto no place to have a China woman pull your pud or wax your rear end and scrub your balls? LMAO.

  6. I thought as much. When the Feds get involved it has to be more than prostitution or over the top massages. Human traffickers. Need to kneel them down in the parking lot and put a bullet or two in the back of their scummy heads!

      1. While we’re at it let’s legalize murder so the death penalty would be non-existent. Legalizing prostitution would INCREASE child s sex trafficking. Oh wait, nevermind. I forgot who I was talking too. Liberals have no morals what so ever.

        1. Since there is no way to stop prostitution, why not legalize it so we can stop human trafficking. Has nothing to do with being liberal. It has to do with having an IQ over 60 and logic.

          1. Well comrade since you don’t have an IQ over 60 or any logic, your comment is useless. Go shoot yourself.

  7. I don’t know about Jeff Allen being a pedophile, but I do have reason to believe he may be a supporter of the orange buffoon which is just as bad or worse.

    1. Duh! Where have you been nitwit? Jeff is one of the regulars when KVIA was using Disqus for comments. You just popped up out of some psychos head this year. markturner is fake.

  8. Raid Maybe politically motivated in nature Trump’s personal war with China & North Korea sanctioning China by any means necessary. Whats next internment camps!?

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