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Man charged with murder after killing friend, shooting dad in car traveling on I-10 in central El Paso

deadly shooting
El Paso police investigate a deadly shooting on I-10 East and Piedras.

EL PASO, Texas (KVIA) — El Paso police said they arrested a man and charged him with murder for the shooting death of his friend and the wounding his father as they rode in a car along Interstate 10 in central El Paso early Friday morning.

Authorities indicated 23–year-old Mario Medina Jr. was being charged with the murder of his longtime friend and neighbor, 24–year-old Luis Fernando Escobar.

Police said Medina was riding home in the car with his father, his girlfriend and Escobar at the time of the 2:30 a.m. shooting.

Investigators said the two men got into a bar fight earlier in the night, but they ended up leaving in the same car together with Medina's girlfriend driving.

While in the car an argument between the pair again broke out and escalated as they drove on I-10 east near Piedras. Police said Medina took out a gun, shot and killed Escobar.

Police said Medina's father tried to stop the shooting, and he was shot in the hand. The father was taken to the hospital.

Police closed I-10 east for hours as they investigated the shooting. The freeway finally opened up just before 8 a.m.

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  1. Nothing like a bar fight escalating to murder to start your Friday morning. Can’t wait to hear what started it. A game of 8 ball? A woman? Is Lite Beer less filling or does it taste great? What a waste.

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