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‘I am going to die’ – final words of Fort Bliss officer ‘murdered’ in fiery car crash

Capt. Malcolm Xavier Perry
U.S. Army
Army Capt. Malcolm Xavier Perry, a company commander at Fort Bliss.

EL PASO, Texas -- "I am going to die!"

Those were the exact words told to a 911 dispatch operator moments before a Fort Bliss Army captain had his car rear-ended and died in a fiery crash in east El Paso, according to court documents obtained by ABC-7.

Those documents detail the final moments of Capt. Malcom Perry’s life, which police say ended in the 27-year-old's murder.

According to investigators, he was driving away after being beaten by a group of people, when one of those attackers jumped in a Jeep and followed Perry – eventually ramming his car from behind.

Perry died after his vehicle rolled over and caught fire at the intersection of Zaragoza and John Hayes Street on Sunday.

According to the documents, the sound of the crash could be heard on Perry’s 911 call, and then he could be heard yelling for help as his car burst into flames.

Police arrested the driver of the Jeep, 23-year-old Richard Mustapha Sennesie, after he fled the crash scene and have charged him with murder.

The court documents said the Jeep that Sennesie was driving actually belonged to a woman who had once dated Perry; police indicated she was riding in the passenger seat at the time of the deadly crash. The woman reportedly told officers that she dated Perry on and off for five years.

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  1. Victim beaten prior to murder. Murderer driving victim’s ex-girlfriends vehicle. She in passenger seat. Yeah, there’s a lot more to this incident, isn’t there?

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