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Accused killer booked on murder charge after far east El Paso fight, deadly shooting

UPDATE, April 29: El Paso police said Thursday that 25–year-old Juan Angel Ramirez has been released from the hospital after receiving medical treatment following last week's deadly fight and was booked into the downtown jail.

Ramirez is being held without bond on a murder charge in the fatal shooting of 30–year-old Juan Carlos Castro along Paseo Alegre in far east El Paso.

(Juan Angel Ramirez, charged with murder.)

UPDATE, April 26: The victim and suspect in a weekend deadly shooting stemming from a fight in far east El Paso were identified by police on Monday as new details emerged from witnesses to ABC-7 about what unfolded.

Police said 25–year-old Juan Angel Ramirez will be charged with the murder of 30–year-old Juan Carlos Castro. Ramirez was arrested at a nearby church where he fled following the shooting early Sunday, authorities indicated.

Residents along Paseo Alegre, where police had responded to a report of a fight, told ABC-7 that it all stemmed from Ramirez punching his girlfriend in the face and her summoning Castro, the father of her child, to her aid. Neighbors said Ramirez pulled out a gun and shot Castro during an altercation between the two men in the street.

Police would only say the fight involved several people and did not immediately confirm the additional details provided by witnesses.

ORIGINAL REPORT, April 25: EL PASO, Texas -- A 30-year-old man was shot and killed early Sunday in far east El Paso during an apparent fight and police said they had a suspect in custody for the city's latest homicide.

The shooting occurred in the 12300 block of Paseo Alegre and Paseo Grande around 3 a.m., when authorities said they received a report of a fight with weapons.

When officers arrived, police said the victim was found suffering from serious injuries and later died after being rushed to a local hospital.

Neither the identity of the victim or the suspect were released by police.

Detectives said the crime scene had expanded as part of their investigation, as they cordoned off a larger area of the neighborhood to scour for evidence.

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.

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    1. Hold on there Northeast is a victim of not a perpetrator of the easy access to guns. NE El Paso doesn’t have GUN SHOPS. but it does have its disproportionately genetic equivalent: PAWN SHOPS.

      1. Erm, you DO realize how ridiculous your theory about all this is, correct?
        NE, for too long has had too many lowlifes seeking the cheapest possible living accommodations not walking distance to the border.
        Criminals find guns. Efforts to penalize the law budung who DO buy at pawn shops accomplishes nothing.

  1. Crime is getting around just about all over places in El Paso. Crime is not just murder and burglaries. The Eastside has murderers, too & is full of people who create and cause traffic accidents that result in death due to drunk driving, speeding, not following traffic rules. All crimes. Many nowadays, just don’t seem to care & shoot for the most stupid reasons. Why? Someone bumps into you, oh, I need to shoot them. Someone shoots you while driving. Just ridiculous all the way around.

  2. Instead of calling the police the genius girlfriend calls the father of her child. Duh? What the hell does she expect to have happened. There is a 911 number girlfriend. Oh I forgot, you probably can’t count. Pendeja estupida.

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