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2 students hurt — 1 seriously wounded — in stabbing at Americas High School; suspect arrested after posting video to social media

stabbing victim in hospital bed
Fit Fam El Paso
The stabbing victim is shown in his hospital bed in this image of a social media post.
A police car containing an Americas High School stabbing suspect drives away from the apartment where he was arrested.
SISD's police chief talks to the media about the stabbing.

EL PASO, Texas -- Two students were hurt, one of whom suffered serious wounds, in a stabbing attack at Americas High School on Thursday afternoon and police later arrested another student for the attack after he posted an apparent admission on social media.

Police and 911 dispatchers said the seriously wounded victim was transported to Del Sol Medical Center as a level 1 trauma patient. But in a social media post that claims to show the stabbing victim from his hospital bed, the individual identified simply by the first name of Evan is said to be doing "okay." (See that image at the top of this article.)

A second student who tried to come to the aid of the stabbing victim suffered unknown lessor injuries and was recovering at the hospital, a school official said.

"We had an incident where there were two individuals involved in an altercation, one of the students was hurt and based on the information we have, we had a second student who was trying to assist and also got hurt,” said Maribel Macias, assistant superintendent for the Socorro Independent School District. (You can watch her entire remarks in the video player below.)

A teen suspect fled the stabbing scene and officers surrounded an apartment about a mile away a short time later, where police said the boy was taken into custody.

In a video posted to social media shortly before the arrest occurred, the alleged stabber acknowledged attacking a classmate and indicated that police were gathered outside his home. (You can see that video below, but caution the language is graphic in nature.)

Officials said the high school, located at 12101 Pellicano Drive, went on lockout following what they called the "isolated incident"; other nearby middle and elementary schools - including Loma Verde, Sierra Vista and Clark - also were placed on lockout at the time.

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. And the bleeding hearts will say he deserves a break cuz it’s so hard to be a little boy living in a nice house with parents that love him or some other BS. Lets hope he does’nt go in front of Dominguez cuz that POS judge will probably give him a PR bond and his shank back

  2. So is their going to be a red flag law for knives? How do you register a knife anyway? By size? By girth? By what selective criteria set by the liberals? Just saying.

  3. If I had to judge the perp on his video i would say that is no “juvenile” he is an adult who should be doing time with the big boys, but then we live in a democratic crap hole, i mean stronghold, my bad. He’ll be told he’s a bad boy and not to do it again. Typical liberal judges

  4. The lazy government fed white asshole group of El Paso indulging and frolicking on yet another tragedy. The lowest form of human behavior. Picture old white fat morons. Nadodave, madmike, memy357, Gee dubb, bigoof, Steve on resler. All white collar section 8. Government dependents.

    1. LOL Steve on Resler is closer to your ideology than mine, he’s a little tyrant like yourself. The difference his IQ is at least at the 3 triple digit mark, yours barely manages to reach room temperature!

  5. “Ban assault knives” is pretty hilarious. “Take the guns away from the lowlife city rep who’s also a CHL instructor because he is violent and beats women” should trigger the crowd, though.

    Back to the subject: this wanna-be gang banger already admitted guilt on social media. Hopefully the local prosecutors won’t screw this up.

    1. Are we in the US or Mexico? We have something called the “Presumption of Innocence” in this country, maybe you should do a little read about it. If he’s convicted of domestic abuse, then yes he should serve his punishment. Until then he’s innocent until proven guilty, meaning he keeps his inalienable rights as well. This applies to Stabby McStabby, though I don’t see him winning his case.

    1. KFOX? Intolerant? Conservative? You’re on something else if you think a local news affiliation in a Democratic fortress is anything close to “conservative” or “Republican.” Those dummy news anchors are so clueless, I remember them saying an AR-15 is a “machine gun” and a rifle is a stereotypical bolt action, wood stock, hunting rifle during the Walmart shooting.

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