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Bel Air High School teacher collaborates with actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt to celebrate class of 2020

EL PASO, Texas-- One percussion director at Bel Air High School is hoping to give back to the class of 2020 through an online project, and he's getting a little help from celebrity actor, Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

"It was based off of Joe's platform, HitRecord, and through this platform you can just create an account and just start expressing yourself through art," said Benjamin Perez, a percussion director at Bel Air High School.

We all know Joseph Gordon-Levitt the actor but these days he's using his art skills to bring people together through social media, and Benjamin Perez is hoping seniors from our city can join in.

Perez was introduced to the HitRecord app through his sister.

"I actually uploaded a video of myself playing music with just random items from around the house. Pots, pans, medicine cups and just everything," said Perez.

After he uploaded his video to the HitRecord app, Gordon-Levitt and the HitRecord team contacted him to see if he would collaborate with them to create a series to show appreciation to the class of 2020.

That episode would be one of 6 series that would be featured as part of YouTube Original’s 'Create Together' project.

"This project and HitRecord is for anyone that wants to get involved and really showcase their creativity. Whether it's music, photography, filming, drawing or acting. Whatever it is you can just start expressing yourself on there and just upload projects that you have in mind," said Perez.

Users can download the app through their phone or join in online.
Once you've created an account, you search for the class of 2020 project and see what part or step you would like to contribute to.

"Essentially it's a music video of us just giving our appreciation to the seniors and really showing them that this time doesn't define who they are," said Perez who is hoping our city will jump on board to show 2020 seniors that they are appreciated.

"A lot of us might think that it's just prom or it's just graduation but we forget that sometimes it's the best part of some student's lives. These are some of the best memories they're going to have and they were stripped of that," said Perez.

The first episode of "Create Together" will air May 18th through YouTube.

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