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Texas classrooms can stay closed without losing state funding if local health officials order it

EPISD students
EPISD students walk to class and greet their teachers in this file photo.

AUSTIN, Texas -- Local public health officials will be able to keep Texas schools closed for in-person instruction this fall without risking state education funding, a Texas Education Agency spokesperson confirmed Wednesday.

Last week, the state's education agency released an order requiring schools to open their buildings to in-person instruction five days a week for all students who want it. The order gives districts a transition period of just three weeks at the start of the year to hold classes virtually and get their safety plans in place before allowing students back on campuses. After the three-week transition, districts that stay entirely virtual would risk losing funding.

But TEA officials confirmed Wednesday they would continue to fund school districts if local health officials order them to stay closed, as long as they offer remote instruction for all students.

Gov. Greg Abbott told Houston's ABC television station this week that the state would ease up on stringent reopening requirements, as coronavirus cases and hospitalizations skyrocket across Texas, and would give school districts more flexibility to stay virtual for longer than three weeks. Public health officials warn that reopening school buildings in areas with a lot of community spread will exacerbate the virus’ impact on those communities.

Even before Abbott's statement, some local public health officials had moved to mandate that schools remain closed at least through Labor Day, saying it would be unsafe to reopen school buildings while the pandemic was raging. El Paso and Laredo health officials were among the first to issue those mandates last week. And Tuesday, Travis County health officials ordered all public and private schools to delay on-campus instruction at least until Sept. 7.

It was unclear last week whether Abbott or the TEA would let those orders stand.

The wavering guidance has confused and frustrated teachers and parents wanting to know what the upcoming fall will mean for themselves and their families. A University of Texas and Texas Politics Project poll showed recently that 65% of Texans said it was unsafe for children to go back to school. And teachers unions are encouraging their members to look for legal avenues to stay home, including resigning or retiring early, instead of being forced back into classrooms while cases are rising.

A TEA spokesperson told the Texas Tribune that school superintendents and school boards cannot make the decision to stay entirely virtual for longer than three weeks without a mandate from public health officials.

Some school districts, including the Ysleta Independent School District, are moving their start dates to later in August and then starting their school years entirely virtually for three weeks.

The TEA is expected to roll out revised guidance on reopening schools in the upcoming days.

Texas Tribune




    1. That’s not what happened at all. He realized that local governments were putting outrageous requirements in place that would FORCE school districts to give up state funding. He decided he didn’t want kids paying the price for local government stupidity.

      1. Parents want their kids in school. They understand the value. Now the unions on the other hand….they don’t care about kids. They only care about protecting the worst teachers in the system, in this case, the ones who would rather stay home than do their jobs.

      1. Don’t be an idiot turner. The least likely to get infected are the kids. The teachers’s union still get paid and they don’t have to teach anyone. The kids are the ones that need to be at school and get this virus over with. Who the hell told you, you were sane turner, alias alberto muerto?

      1. No. You are the serious health problem here moron. Mentally diseased Alberto running wild and stupid on the internet. Like giving a child a gun. He should be locked up at UBH forever.

      2. Wrong again turner. The only people we hold accountable to are those we elect. Noting will happen to the idiot scientists that insist on closing the economy. No one elected them to make such deciisons.

    1. Technically something should be done about that. Even the car insurance companies made adjustment in the form of rebates due to the COVID19.

    1. Of course you do. Your a socialist freeloader who wants every one to get everything for free.

      MOST teachers yes. That is the only accurate thing you’ve ever posted here. But the unions don’t really focus on those teachers. They focus on the ones who don’t do their jobs, mistreat kids and then complain constantly. I’ve been in education for 30 years and I have never been in a union and never will. I don’t need a union because I do my job.

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      1. Teachers still provided instruction. They still provided virtual lessons. There are lots of great platforms out there to make virtual learning more successful for teachers and students but it just isn’t the same as seeing your students in your classroom everyday, interacting with them, helping them when they struggle. There are just some things that a computer cannot replace. Not to mention the tens of thousands of kids who never log in to even get those lessons. Or how about those kids who get knocked around by their parents on a daily basis? For this kids, schools is a refuge. A safe place. Does anyone care about those kids? It’s just so much more complicated than teachers getting paid for staying home.

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      1. You have to remember, I am a Republican so no, I don’t talk about politics. Unlike democrats, I teach my students to think for themselves, to not be sheep, to look for facts. To use their brains for it’s intended use. It would be against the law any for school district to discipline anyone based o political affiliation. You of course wouldn’t know that, because you believe in a 2-tiered justice system where democrats can do whatever they want and republicans can’t. Hypocrite Castro Communist A-hole.

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