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Westside moms deliver meals on wheels to EPISD students with no one around to feed them

A mom delivers meals to an EPISD during remote learning.

EL PASO, Texas--  With kids at home for virtual learning and parents having to work, someone has to feed the kids.

In steps Carla Felt with her group, Lincoln Warrior Moms Meals on Wheels.

The group picks up meals the El Paso Independent School District makes for their students and delivers them.

This is very helpful to kids in the district who have no way to feed themselves while they virutally learn with no parent in the home.

“Some kids were perhaps not eating lunch or didn’t know what they were going to have for lunch because their parents are not home during virtual learning,” said Felt.

Felt, Melinda Becker and fellow mom Alix Duchouqette have been delivering the meals that the district makes and getting them to hungry kids.

Felt described how it all began: “We only started out with three volunteers and 26 kids, now we have 8 volunteers and 90 students that we deliver to.”

Felt called upon friend and Lincoln Jr. High School principal Haidi Appeal, who helped the moms get organized to deliver the food.

“We had a great response, we put some messages out and the parents contacted us requesting the assistance to make sure their kids were getting breakfast and lunch everyday,” said Appeal.

The kids that receive the meals couldn't be more thankful.

“You know what it’s awesome, how they get to do this service for people that are unable to go out and get food for their family,” explainbed Camila Calderon, a sophomore at Franklin High School.

If your child is on the westside and a student of EPISD, you can contact Felt at

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