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5th Las Cruces Public Schools educator dies from Covid-19

Elizabeth Placencio, LCPS teacher who died of Covid-19.
Elizabeth Placencio, LCPS teacher who died of Covid-19.

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico -- A longtime teacher at Mesa Middle School has become the fifth Las Cruces Public Schools educator to die from Covid-19, officials said Tuesday.

Elizabeth Placencio, 42, lost her battle with the disease Monday night after being hospitalized for nearly a month.

LCPS said Placencio spent more than two decades as teacher. Most recently she taught film and broadcast media at Mesa since the school opened in 2010; before that she taught at White Sands Elementary School before that.

“She had an amazing impact on our students and the programs at Mesa, and built the media program from scratch at our school. She will be missed in the hearts of many,” said LCPS Deputy Superintendent Gabe Jacquez.

Placencio, survived by her husband and a daughter, is the fifth educator in the LCPS district to die from the virus. Her death comes as the school board was set to meet later Tuesday to decide whether to resume in-person learning.

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. Why stress that she was a school teacher? It doesn’t say she caught it in class. There was no schools in session. Sensationalizing for the teachers’ union?

    1. May she RIP. The teachers unions seem to be desperate to keep schools closed. If she did not contract it inside her classroom, then it does not matter that she was a teacher.

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