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LCPS prepares for the return of in-person learning to schools

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico -- Las Cruces Public Schools rolled out their plan this week for the return of students to the classroom and all 33 school campuses are now preparing to welcome them back.

Starting Monday, high school students who opted to return will attend class in-person two days a week. Meantime, some elementary and middle school students will be phased in starting March 1.

"Teachers have been overwhelming excited. Principals have said, once they contact their teachers, they're emotional. This has been an opportunity a lot of teachers have waited for," said LCPS spokesperson Kelly Jameson.

The return to school will come with a very different look.

You can expect to see bright orange tape on the floor in the hallways and when entering the schools, indicative of making sure students are properly distanced. Water fountains will be off-limits, unless re-filling water bottles, and desks will be placed six feet apart.

The first phase will be followed by another opportunity for students to return once more teachers are vaccinated.

"It's going to depend a lot on when we can get our teachers vaccinated," Jameson explained. "Those who have requested vaccines is all dependent on the Department of Health and their scheduling. Then after that, it will be up to the educators who are comfortable returning to the classroom."

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