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Robots delivering food coming soon to the NMSU campus

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico -- This upcoming fall semester, students at New Mexico State University have something new to look forward to: Robots delivering food.

The university has partnered with Kiwibot to be able to provide a food delivery service across campus. Kiwibot is a Colombian-based company that utilizes robots to help deliver food to various locations.

The university explained that it was looking for innovation and added that this was the perfect concept to be able to further expand its food services.

Students and faculty will be able to have their food orders delivered right to their desired location on campus with the help of this new technology.

The robots are not yet in service, but they will begin operating when the fall semester begins. The university said that 19 robots will be coming initially and added it has future plans to add up to 50 robots.

Rosemary Montanez


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