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NMSU launches ‘Vax Trax’ program to monitor staff, student vaccination status

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico-- New Mexico State University launched their new “Vax Trax” program Wednesday to monitor vaccination status for staff and students.

In order to be on the NMSU campus, it is required to show proof of vaccination or undergo weekly Covid-19 testing and show proof of a negative test.

John Webster, NMSU's Covid-19 project manager, said the program will help to generate an excel spreadsheet with the vaccination status of each individual.

Students and employees are now able to upload proof of vaccination status, but proof of weekly testing is not required to start until Sept. 30.

He said the university has hired people to oversee the program to ensure compliance - and if students choose not to comply, it can lead to dismissal from the university.

“It's a - step process for the student code of conduct. It starts with warnings and progresses on with probation periods, and up to dismal from the university,” said Webster.

Students have mixed reactions about the program and its requirements.

“The fact that I'm in class with students who are, I want to assume, are vaccinated as well, or getting tested weekly, or bi-weekly, really helps because this is a serious matter - it's not a joke,” said David Diaz, an NMSU student.

“I think its very excessive having us get tested every week for the non-vaxxers. I understand it's them trying to prevent the spread of Covid-19, but every week does seem kind of excessive,” said Jazmin Lerma, another NMSU student.

Staff are also required to follow all Covid-19 protocols as a condition of employment at NMSU.

In order to access the “Vax Trax” system, you must be a current NMSU student or employee and be on the campus.

“The ultimate goal is, has been, and always will be that we want to provide the safest environment possible for our faculty, staff and students,” said Webster.

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