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El Paso

Texas farmers look to learn how to grow hemp

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EL PASO, Texas -- Texas Hemp Growers put together a class for farmers to learn how to grow and use hemp. The association is made up of farmers, processors, and retailers.

The class went through the process of growing hemp and cultivating the plant that has many purposes including medicinal ones with Cannabidiol or CBD.

"We're putting together one of our hemp master classes, we have been putting these together through out the state, teaching farmers how to grow and cultivate hemp," said Zachary Maxwell, president of the Texas Hemp Growers.

At the class the farmers learned the different types of applications for hemp, including its practical uses such as textiles and its medicinal uses when it is turned into CBD.

"It is hard to predict the future of hemp, the resurgence that we are seeing right now is not specifically for textile purposes, but more so for its medicinal benefits through CBD on the market," Maxwell said.

If you'd like more information about hemp, follow this link.

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