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El Paso medical expert offers advice on teaching kids about coronavirus

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A coronavirus cell.

EL PASO, Texas -- As the number of Covid-19 cases continues to grow in the United States, so does fear for some. Some may wonder how to best advise and guide children about the virus and precautions they should take.

Dr. Oscar Vega, the Chief Medical Officer for Las Palmas Medical Center, said it is important to keep kids aware of the virus and prepared for it. However, he said kids don't need to panic.

Dr. Vega said coronavirus symptoms can be mild for kids, but that it's important that kids practice good hygiene. Kids should be washing their hands, covering their coughs and should get a flu shot if they have yet to get it. Parents should keep sick kids home from school if the present any cold or flu symptoms.

Dr. Vega also said it's important to be aware of those who might be around kids and at higher risk.

"I think it's important for children to be aware that their symptoms may be mild, it may be just cold-like," Dr. Vega said, "but they should take care of their elderly grandparents or great grandparents."

Kids with symptoms should also avoid anyone with compromised immune systems and underlying health conditions.

"I think [kids] should be aware," Dr. Vega said. "They should be practicing great hygiene and they should report any colds or flu-like symptoms to their parents so they can take appropriate measures so they can take care of them. They should not be scared. They should try to live their normal life like they normally do."

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