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El Paso

El Paso daycare workers are unsung heroes during virus pandemic

A YWCA daycare worker in El Paso who has worked throughout the virus pandemic.

EL PASO, Texas -- The Rogers Early Learning Academy at the YWCA has yet to shut its doors during this coronavirus pandemic, with the daycare is offering services to essential employees.

"It's been a very challenging time," said Elva Guerrero, the director of the academy. "I have an underlying medical issue, so coming to work at first was really, really scary."

Guerrero starts her day by picking each child up from the shelters around the city.

"We take every precaution we can to ensure the children are in good hands," Guerrero said.

Every child that enters the facility has their temperature taken. If a parent or guardian drops them off, their temperature is taken as well. The parent or guardian then signs a form stating they have not been in contact with anybody with Covid-19.

In the beginning of this pandemic, Guerrero told ABC-7 that her essential role at the YWCA weighed heavy on her mind.

"At first, I will be honest, I wanted to stay home to protect myself and my family," she said. "I knew it was impossible for me to stay home. I prayed to the lord to help me out and to guide me to help out other families that needed care."

Guerrero said she is now at peace: "Prayer is my number one. Having god in my life is my number one."

And as for the constant fear of potentially contracting Covid-19? "I don't think about it anymore. It is just so naturally to me now. I don't think about it anymore. I just come and do my best," she said."

Guerrero's best is teaching safe practices to the children she cares for.

"I constantly am reminding them to wash their hands and trying to distance themselves even though it is hard because they are children," she said.

About 75% of the YWCA's kids are from families with single parents.

The service provided by Guerrero and her staff is a service that families need right now, so the parent or guardian can go to their essential job.

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