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Coronavirus cases surpass 2,000 in El Paso County with 3 new deaths

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EL PASO, Texas (KVIA) -- The El Paso Department of Public Health released new data on Thursday morning which showed three more people have died from Covid-19 in El Paso County, and the total number of cases now stands at 2,046.

The death toll from the virus has reached 57. There are also 116 new cases, which is the second-largest daily increase El Paso has seen since the pandemic began.

The latest deaths involve a woman in her 40s, along with men in their their 60s and 70s, health officials said.

Hospitalizations remained the same at 109, but the number of patients in intensive care rose by four to 56. Eighteen patients are on ventilators.

More than 1,100 El Pasoans have now recovered, which means there are 883 active cases.

El Paso's health authority, Dr. Hector Ocaranza, said he attributes the recent spike in cases to people gathering over Mother's Day weekend.

“I wish to express my deepest sorrow to the families of these three community members. We continue to be saddened by the ongoing loss of life,” Dr. Ocaranza said in a statement. “This weeks deaths and today’s spike in positive cases have an apparent connection to Mother’s Day weekend, which is why we are sincerely concerned about what Memorial Day weekend might bring about if the community continues to disregard the advice we share nearly every day.”

El Paso health leaders said they will now be releasing new virus data in the mornings; they used to wait until evening. Officials said the map that shows the number of infections per zip code, and all the demographic information, will be typically be released in the afternoons.

You can see all of the latest numbers released by the Department of Public Health here.

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Mauricio Casillas

El Paso native Mauricio Casillas co-anchors ABC-7’s Good Morning El Paso.



    1. Mother’s Day was on Sunday the 10th, 11 days ago. Surely not the reason for the COVID-19 deaths to date since the incubation period has to be considered and testing. Most people won’t know they are sick until after an average of 5 days. But the asymptomatics are a problem with no symptoms. Too premature for a conclusion but of course speculation runs rampant with the quack doctor.

      1. Not even an infectious disease expert. No CDC experience. Just a baby doctor. From another media source: “Dr. Ocaranza said he completed his undergraduate education at the Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez in 1993. He specializes in pediatrics.” Quack. Quack.

      2. Holy cow such ignorance. So daft. Speaking of being beyond a complete idiot. People that are asymptomatic don’t have any typical COVID-19 symptoms. Will most likely never know they have it. Therefore will never get tested. Also will most likely start building immunity and never become symptomatic. No one can ever fix your stupid.

  1. I think when this pandemic finally subsides, we will find our problem stems from being joined at the hip with Juarez. And this isn’t just Mexican nationals coming north, a large portion of the problem stems from El Paso citizens going south to work in “essential” Juarez factories. By its own admission, Juarez hasn’t adequately tested its own citizens, therefore allowing the virus to run rampant. El Pasoans are bringing it home and allowing it to spread. My opinion: close the border to foot traffic and passenger vehicles. Only allow commercial (read 18-wheeler) vehicles. Many folks will scream racism, bigotry, and all the other politically correct liberal terms, but I’ll lay odds that when all is said and done, history will prove me correct.

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