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El Paso

Who is the real Walmart hero who saved a baby and others during the shooting?

The mystery man from Walmart on Aug. 3 whom police describe as a hero.

EL PASO, Texas -- In the days that followed the Aug. 3rd shooting, police identified one man on store security video as a hero who helped to save lives.

That video showed a mystery man walking out of the store with a baby in his arms.

That baby turned out to be baby Gilbert Anchondo, the son of a mother and father who shielded their baby from the shooter.

Since then, two men came forward claiming to be that man.

ABC-7 spoke to both men before the pandemic.

But who is the real Walmart hero, and where is he?

The first man to come forward was Lazaro Ponce, who the FBI interviewed.

It was based on that interview that El Paso police called him to be the hero.
But a man calling himself Geronimo called ABC-7 before police bestowed the Walmart hero title on Ponce.

Geronimo claimed he pulled baby Gilbert Anchondo to safety, then helped others.

Asked what he thought of Ponce being called the hero, Geronimo said police made a mistake.

Several news outlets, including documentary makers have tried reaching out to Ponce for an interview, only to be turned down.

As for Geronimo, he too has faded back into obscurity.

The Anchondo family says they are anxious to meet the real Walmart hero to thank him.

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Saul Saenz

El Paso native Saul Saenz is a veteran reporter who also hosts ABC-7 Extra.


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