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Covid-19 task force surprises El Paso businesses with inspections

The Covid-19 task force does a surprise inspection of a local business

EL PASO, Texas --  The 70-member Covid-19 task force draws experts from the cityof El Paso's fire, police, environmental services and the health departments.

The team has been assembled to investigate whether businesses may have broken the city's health mandates regarding the coronavirus.

With the ability to issue tickets up to $500, the task force means business.

ABC-7 was with members of the task force as they surprised Crave Kitchen and Bar for an inspection.

Lt. Robert Jones with the El Paso Fire Department escorted ABC-7 into the restaurant.

“Alright, so coming in we get a general overview of the occupancy. There is not a whole lot of people in here. Those that are in here seem pretty spaced out by at least six feet,” Jones said.

“There is not a whole lot of seating available but they were mindful enough to block out the two in the middle and signs like this is what we are looking for to make sure you don't have parties too close together,” Jones added.

The Kitchen manager for Crave Kitchen and Bar is fine with the inspections saying, "Well it was unexpected definitely. It gives us the peace of mind that we were able to pass and are following all the precautions during this pandemic. Keeping people safe and at the same time trying to normalize this situation as much as possible."

Wil Herren

Wil Herren is an ABC-7 reporter who covers both news and sports.



  1. So the CDC put out guidelines on tracking COVID and how to determine the data necessary to follow the trend. They put out to leave out the use of masks in their data. Why? Because there is NO indication that masks prevent COVID from spreading. What? Yes. There is no proof whatsoever that masks prevent the spread of COVID and should not be taken into tracking data. OOPS! Read up on it. July 31, 2020.,

    1. They won’t. That would mean they are actually educating themselves and liberals would rather just spew CNN propaganda and mis-information. The liberal motto….”Stay poor, Stay uniformed and Stay dependent on the government”.

      1. It has never been about the virus, it is all about control and maintaining fear. Maintaining that fear is what it is about. It brings out the crazies like turner, who keeps threatening to beat people with his pretend bat. We all know he is alberto #25 personality. If he were real, he would be in jail or dead.

  2. Enforcement of the COVID19 will all be over the day after the November 3 election. The leftists will start a new narrative of getting rid of the electoral college after their crazy Joe loses. Jo Ho 2020 is a total trainwreck.

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