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East El Paso family seeks city’s help after multiple cars crash into rock wall in front yard

Rock wall damaged after crash in east El Paso
Rock wall damaged after a crash in east El Paso.

EL PASO, Texas -- It was 3 a.m. Monday when the Ordaz family heard a loud crash in their front yard. They walked outside their home to see a car in the middle of their yard and their rock wall in pieces.

That same rock wall was just repaired Saturday after another car crashed into it last week.

The Ordaz family told ABC-7 the traffic circle in front of their home is the problem. It's at Dale Douglas Dr. and Leo Collins Dr., which is just off Lee Trevino and Vista Del Sol.

"We used to have a four-way stop here and now it's (the round-about) causing more accidents," Ruth Ann Ordaz said. "This is the fourth or fifth one."

Along the rock wall lies several tall trees. They said each tree represents a family member.

On Monday morning, along with the rock wall, the driver also took down one of the trees.

That particular tree represented a brother who passed away a few years ago.

The Ordaz family told ABC-7 they want the city's help to prevent this from happening again.

They have been in contact with the city representative for their district, Henry Rivera. He told the family he is looking into the problem.

A city spokeswoman told ABC-7 that the traffic circle was installed 10 years ago in response to a request from the neighborhood to calm the traffic.

This year, the city said it has received more requests for speed bumps and those are pending.

On Monday, the city said it received a request for a guard rail which is under review.

Residents with concerns about traffic safety should contact the Streets and Maintenance Department by dialing 3-1-1, she said, so their complaint can be reviewed.

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Shelby Montgomery

Las Cruces native Shelby Montgomery is an ABC-7 reporter who also co-anchors Good Morning El Paso weekends.



  1. The dumb drivers in El Paso were just beginning to understand 4-way-stops. It will be years before they understand roundabouts. It seems everyone here “learned” how to drive in Juarez.

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