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El Paso

Large fire burns at motel on Montana in central El Paso

The department said the fire started in an alley.

EL PASO, Texas - A fire broke out early Monday morning at a motel in central El Paso.

The fire department said it happened at the Montana Motel, which is near Raynolds Street. Officials said crews were working to extinguish the fire next to the main building.

The fire was first reported just after midnight.

The fire department said there were no reported injuries.

Investigators have not said yet said if they know what caused the fire.

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Jesus A. Rodriguez

ABC-7 producer.



  1. One of two nice little mom and pop properties in that area on Montana. Spotless rooms and well maintained facility. Has an above average occupancy rate given the pandemic. Its occupancy rate is twice that of major chain hotels in El Paso. These are some of the last Route 66 type lodging properties left in the west from the 1950’s. Hope they get the damage repaired and re-open soon.

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