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Another mysterious monolith appears – in El Paso’s Upper Valley

el paso monolith
A mysterious monolith appears in El Paso's Upper Valley.

EL PASO, Texas -- The latest mysterious metal monolith to appear across America is here in the Sun City. It was found Monday night in El Paso’s Upper Valley.

Onlookers gathered to get their picture taken with the tall, silver, shining object near Sunset and Doniphan, across from an Ardovino's Pizza restaurant.

In recent weeks, monoliths have mesmerized people in a number of western U.S. states.

Late last month, a Utah helicopter crew discovered a monolith deep in the desert. Days later, it abruptly disappeared. Then earlier this month, another monolith appeared along California's central coast.

It's unclear what the point of these metal objects are, or whether or not they are related to one another. Social media has floated the idea that they are simply art pieces meant to create confusion for those who discover them.

Others have pointed their fingers to the sky, accusing aliens of planting celestial devices. Experts have said that these objects being the work of extraterrestrials is "unlikely."

It's not known who or why the obelisk was placed in El Paso or how long it will remain in place, but the world will be watching closely to monitor if and when it leaves... and where another one might turn up.

(NPG's KEYT and CNN contributed background to this report.)

Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. Since no one has laid claim to the scam item, I will take it to the recycle center in the morning. Or maybe I’ll call PD and report it as found property. Bet the sicko who left it there will not dare go to claim it at our local police department. Maybe we will get to meet an illegal alien from Mars.

  2. At last someone from a foreign place comes to Hell paso and makes something cool, better than someone driving over to the WM and shoot people. Maybe with this foreign structure we can get some more positive sht about the great Sun City. Hey how about raising minimum wage?

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