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El Paso

Shortage of air conditioning parts causes repair delays in El Paso

EL PASO, Texas -- Air conditioning companies in El Paso are seeing a delay in parts which is causing repair times to last weeks, and sometimes even months, with A/C unit break downs.

Eric Alvarez, the owner of Expert HVAC and Refrigeration, says the delay in parts is due to the pandemic causing manufacturers to not have a strong workforce to keep up production.

“A lot of these manufactures are having a hard time employing or getting people back to work," Alvarez explained.

Alvarez says his company gets at least a dozen calls a day about broken A/C units, and his team already has the next two weeks booked because the summer is their busiest season.

The best way to make sure your A/C unit stays operational is to have preventive maintenance during the spring before the weather becomes too hot, Alvarez says.

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