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West El Paso woman mauled to death by pit bulls in family home

EL PASO, Texas — A pair of pit bulls attacked a woman and mauled her to death inside her family's west El Paso home, police said Monday, but what prompted the killing remained under investigation.

The death was discovered around 6 p.m. Sunday at 7240 Royal Arms.

"A woman having just arrived home discovered the body of her mother being mauled by the family dogs," police wrote in an incident report released Monday. "The investigation is ongoing but all indications are that the two pit bull dogs
killed the woman."

Detectives investigating the death said the dogs didn't show any signs of neglect, they appeared to have been well cared for and had plenty of food and water.

The identity of the woman mauled to death was not immediately released by authorities.

Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. People just won’t learn. Pits do not need a reason to attack and kill a person. That’s what they were bred to do. Time to destroy these animals. Poor lady. RIP.

          1. Madmike and his constant threats and coaxing people to fight him. A white anomaly waiting to go postal. Lol. Anytime what punk?

        1. turner is some moron that thinks he has convinced us that his name is charlie, its actually funny as hell because he still uses the same catch phrases. talk about delusional

          1. Actually Turner and Dumbo are that nitwit psycho Alberto Velarde.

    1. No doubt. These stories are never a Doberman, German Shepard or even Rottweilers (which are very aggressive too) it’s always a God D@mn Pit!!!!!! I hate those fkn dogs and authorities and local governments never do anything about it.

  2. What if we line thousands of pit bulls alongside the border facing south and train them to ask for green cards or VISAs. Bet illegal entry would be minimized.

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