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Stars, alien invasion, secret government test? Mystery of lights in night Borderland sky is solved

EL PASO, Texas -- Did you catch those weird lights in the sky Wednesday night? You’re not alone.

Viewers in Texas and New Mexico called KVIA along with our ABC sister-stations KOAT in Albuquerque and WFAA in Dallas Wednesday night with the same question: What are those lights in the sky?

The five lights were spotted blinking and moving over the southwest region of the U.S.

But turns out those lights, weren’t stars or proof of alien life forms or a secret government test, but Space-X Satellites.

These lights are part of the Starlink internet service the company is developing.

The low-Earth orbit satellite constellation is marketed to deliver high-speed internet service to locations where ground-based internet is unreliable, unavailable, or expensive.

The satellites were deployed earlier this week, launched from Florida, and are now making their way into orbit.

The launch added to the 1,318 Starlink satellites already in low-Earth orbit, according to a spacecraft database maintained by Jonathan McDowell, an astrophysicist at the Harvard–Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

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  1. These lights are always showing up on the Franklins or in the night sky. What’s the explanation for all that? I know, I know, they just can’t come out and say it’s just another visitor from far away. Nothing to see here, folks. Just another satellite, or flare, or rocket exhaust, or something. Don’t worry folks , they’re friendly.

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