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NM health officials want to notify bus passengers of virus exposure on route from El Paso to Denver


SANTA FE, New Mexico – The New Mexico Department of Health is looking for bus passengers who traveled from El Paso to Denver on Thursday so they can be notified about likely Covid-19 exposure.

The Department of Health is looking for anyone who rode the El Paso-Los Angeles Limousine Express Bus Route 284. New Mexico health officials say a passenger on the bus later died after testing positive for Covid-19.

There were 32 people on the bus and some were picked up in New Mexico.

The NM Health Department has little information on the other passengers and is unable to contact them directly.

To prevent further spread of the virus, the Department of Health is asking any passengers to remain at home and limit contact with other people until Dec. 3. That will allow for 14 days of self-quarantine.

If a fever or any other symptoms occur, the Department of Health advises passengers to get tested immediately. If there are no symptoms, they should wait seven to 10 days from the day of the trip and then get tested.

If you have any questions, you can call the New Mexico Covid hotline at (855) 600-3453.

David Burge


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