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Austin demonstrators clash with police, set cars on fire

A burned out car sits under I-35 in Austin, Texas.
Eddie Gaspar/The Texas Tribune
Police officers on horseback are among a crowd gathered to protest protest the death of George Floyd in Austin, Texas.

AUSTIN, Texas -- Hundreds of people in Austin gathered Saturday to protest the death of George Floyd, a black man who died after a white police officer in Minneapolis kneeled on his neck long past the point when he lost consciousness.

After demonstrators blocked traffic on Interstate 35 over multiple hours on Saturday evening, police used tear gas and rubber bullets to get and keep protesters off the highway.

A bit later in the night, protesters lit some vehicles on fire under I-35 in downtown, and police said at least one downtown shop was looted.

The Austin Firefighters Association said protesters threw fireworks at fire crews while they were fighting a trash fire under I-35.

The demonstration had originally started peacefully around noon, with an estimated 200 people gathering despite risk of exposure to the coronavirus.

Hours later, the crowd of protesters was smaller but still very active. Some protesters held signs and chanted.

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  1. Madmike- answering your question on a closed comments post 10am yesterday: have (YOU) noticed so called ‘Liberal crap hole’ citis Austin Texasand Salt Lake City Utah are protesting.

  2. The people who were actually protesting what happened to Mr. Floyd went home. Now all we have left are criminals. I hate it when I have to agree with madmike, but there is no room for argument on this issue.

    1. I see that the DOJ is declaring ANTIFA a domestic terrorist organization. About time! Since you posted your support for ANTIFA, I copied it and forwarded it to the El Paso FBI Field Division. Congrats on being on a watch list.

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