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Boy in Mexico school shooting used grandfather’s guns

mexico school shooting
STR/AFP/Getty Images via CNN
Relatives of schoolchildren gather outside an elementary school where, officials said, a student opened fire in Mexico.

MEXICO CITY, Mexico — An 11-year-old boy who killed his teacher and himself and wounded six others in a northern Mexico school shooting used his grandfather’s guns in the attack, officials said Monday.

Coahuila state Attorney General Gerardo Márquez Guevara told reporters that authorities would finish their preliminary investigation before deciding if the grandfather will face charges.

Gov. Miguel Riquelme said it appeared that the man did not have permits for either weapon.

On Friday morning the boy asked to use the restroom at his school, Colegio Cervantes, in Torreon. After he didn’t return, his teacher went to look for him. He emerged from the bathroom firing two guns. Five students and a gym teacher were wounded.

Authorities had said he lived with his grandparents.

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  2. One more thing. Messy Co’s citizens can not protect themselves from criminals, they can not defend themselves against the tyranny of their own government either. So the bragging that Messy Co does not have school shootings just went down the drain. And libs want these people here? Really? be 2 can sure go over there now and take away their guns. I suggest he start with the cartel assassins. I’m sure they will comply.

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