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Jury deliberating in case against ex-cop for George Floyd’s death

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota — The murder case against former Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin in the death of George Floyd has gone to the jury.

Twelve jurors — six of them white, six Black or multiracial — are beginning deliberations in a city on edge against another round of unrest.

During closing arguments Monday, prosecutors contended that Chauvin squeezed the life out of Floyd by pinning his knee against Floyd’s neck last May, ignoring bystanders, his own training and common sense.

The defense argued that the now-fired white officer acted reasonably and that the 46-year-old Black man died of an underlying heart condition and illegal drug use.

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  1. The Chauvin defense does indeed digress. Let’s not reinvent the wheel. Ex cop Derek Chauvin’s ‘depraved indifference to human life & suffering amounts to the crime of “involuntary manslaughter” and “official oppression” & hate-crime charges all caught on camera. Victim blaming is not a valid defense; it is a classic deflection ploy by the grasping at straws desperate defense.

  2. No guilty.. ACQUIT… Not that I think Chauvin is innocent…. I just want to see ALL THE LIBERALS BURN THEIR CITIES! AND SEE WHAT BIDUMB WILL DO

        1. …. Not that I THINK Chauvin is guilty…. So charlie con chithead, if I’m NOT THINKING, them you’re saying CHAUVIN should be innocent? Is that YOUR LINE OF THINKING? You should go up to Minnesota and join in the FESTIVITIES!!! BURN!!! I need some entertainment. BiDUMB and NO SHOW AT THE BORDER HO, HEELS UP CHLAMYDIA HARRIS won’t know what to do when the SHIT HITS THE STREETS!

  3. LOL Judge has said Maxine Water’s comments could be grounds to overturn a “guilty” verdict! Thanks for the help, you loud-mouth racist b*tch!

  4. The dead drugged up idiot was resisting and brought this on himself. Unfortunately for Chauvin the kneeling on the neck all went on while he was cuffed. That doesn’t play well on video. Even still any degree of a murder conviction is not warranted.

  5. Chuckles the criminal crawled out from under his rock I see to spread his dribble, hey chuck you still carrying illegally? That drug addled, worthless excuse for a human was on his way to an early death, he resisted and then fought with the Police and he’s dead because he brought this on himself. Get over it

    1. And idiot senile Pelosi said that Maxine Waters should NOT apologize. They should both be removed immediately. They won’t though because we have a 2 tier justice system in this country and the corrupt, crocked democrats are pulling all the strings.

    No action he took was ILLEGAL.
    The junkie ex-con St. George of Floyd was passing a fake $20. He OVERDOSED. He KILLED HIMSELF. Sad for you cop haters, but that’s the bottom line.
    Lynching a cop fixes nothing.

  7. In 99.9% of these cases, the underlying thread is a person who was resisting/evading. The overall lesson should be: if you are detained by the police, do exactly what they tell you to do. Black families need to teach this lesson to their children. President Obama tried to relay this message to black families and they should have listened to him. Chauvin was a bad cop according to his disciplinary record. No way around that.

    1. Obama blamed 6 murdered cops for their own murders at a memorial service in Dallas.
      Obama helped unleash this current wave of racial strife.
      That said, you’re correct in stating (what should be obvious) just cooperate, take your arrest like a man.

    1. of what? can you suffocate someone by putting pressure on the side of their neck? on the other hand should cops start releasing anyone that resists?

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