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Arrest made in Austin mass shooting that injured 14

AUSTIN, Texas — Authorities have arrested one person in connection with the mass shooting overnight in downtown Austin, Texas, that left 14 people injured, Mayor Steve Adler’s office said.

Two of the people injured were in critical condition, Austin Interim Police Chief Joseph Chacon said at a press briefing Saturday.

There was no information immediately available surrounding the circumstances of the arrest.

During the Saturday news briefing, Chacon said authorities had identified two male suspects responsible for the shooting, and added that it appeared this was an isolated incident between the two parties.

Almost all of those injured were “innocent bystanders,” the chief added.

Austin police got their first 911 call shortly before 1:30 a.m., followed by several more calls of shots fired, Chacon said. As shots rang out, officers on the block were able to immediately respond, he said.

“They were there within seconds,” the chief said. “And quickly identified several shooting victims that were in distress. They began immediate life-saving measures.”

He credits their speedy action, in part, for the lack of fatalities in the shooting.

An ‘uptick in gun violence’

Chacon said investigators are reviewing video footage from multiple sources Saturday, including the city’s system of video surveillance cameras, to determine what happened.

“Officers have their body-worn cameras, we have the public safety, HALO camera system which we have had for a number of years, which did capture parts of this incident,” Chacon said. “And of course the local businesses themselves have security footage that we are reviewing for evidence.”

Adler, the mayor, commented on the shooting downtown in a series of tweets.

“The uptick in gun violence locally is part of a disturbing rise in gun violence across the country as we exit the pandemic,” he said.

“APD and the City Council have initiated multiple violence prevention efforts in response but this crisis requires a broader, coordinated response from all levels of government.

“One thing is clear – greater access to firearms does not equal greater public safety.”

Dewitt Peart, president and CEO of the Downtown Austin Alliance, said in a statement, “We are saddened that Austin has joined the far too lengthy list of communities that have experienced mass shootings.

“This senseless violence must end. We will continue our work towards ensuring downtown is as safe, clean and welcoming for all, but today, we are thinking of those affected by this shooting. We need to come together, care for each other and be strong together for Austin.”

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  1. What an absolute clown news report. A BLACK THUG opened fire in a group of people.
    A few years ago a BLACK THUG mowed down some people with a car.

  2. Adler is a Leftist moron, Austin is even a bigger mess than it’s usually been, and that’s saying something.
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  3. So the leftist (CNN, ABC, Austin American Statesman, etc.) media pushes the mass shooting and gun control part but not the root cause which was some angry black thugs probably all empowered by the leftists in this country. They think they can get away with murder. BLM – Burn Loot Murder.

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