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Caught on video: Texas high school football player jailed for assault after body slam of referee

UPDATE: 18-year-old Edinburg High School senior linebacker Emmanuel Duron was arrested Friday on an assault charge for the body slam of a referee captured on video during a game the night before, according to his hometown newspaper.

A judge set Duron's bond at $10,000, which had not been posted as of Friday afternoon. Jail booking records indicate Duron is 5'11 and 225 pounds.

In addition, his team has forfeited its football playoff spot as a result of the incident, the Houston Chronicle reported on Friday.

The Texas Association of Sports Officials called the incident a "vicious and deliberate assault” on one of their officials.

“We extend a sincere apology to the referee and his family,” the Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District said in a statement Friday.

The Edinburg Police Department said school district police handled the arrest because the incident occurred on campus.

ORIGINAL REPORT: EDINBURG, Texas -- 2020 has made us realize how much we take for granted the great game of football.

The atmosphere, the competition, and through it all the sportsmanship.

But Thursday night at a high school game in the Rio Grande Valley, all of that was put to disgrace as Edinburg took on Pharr-San Juan-Alamo.

Edinburg's Emmanuel Duron was ejected by the officials for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

But after the ejection, Duron charges the field in a rage and body slams the head referee to the turf. He had to be restrained by a coach.

The referee was down on the field for several minutes before getting up on his own power.

Duron would leave the stadium escorted by police.

Not a good look for Texas high school football.

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Nate Ryan

Nate Ryan is an ABC-7 sports anchor/reporter.

Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



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