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5 virus deaths, 237 new cases reported in El Paso; number of ICU patients reaches new high

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EL PASO, Texas (KVIA) -- Five more people have died from complications of coronavirus in El Paso County, health officials said Tuesday morning.

The latest victims included three women, one each in their 40s, 60s and 80s; and two men, one in his 70s and another in his 80s.

The death toll now stands at 157.

The El Paso Department of Public Health also reported 237 new cases Tuesday.

Hospitalizations decreased from 285 to 283, however the number of patients in intensive care reached a new peak -- 98. There are also 40 patients on ventilators.

There have now been 9,953 confirmed cases with 6,094 reported recoveries. That left El Paso with 3,716 active cases on Tuesday, which is a new record.

The health department reported that nearly 20% of those infected in El Paso are asymptomatic, which means they show no sign of infection but can transmit the virus to others.

For a complete look at the health department's data, click here.

Mauricio Casillas

El Paso native Mauricio Casillas co-anchors ABC-7’s Good Morning El Paso.



  1. To keep this in perspective. Approximately 3 million Americans died last year from all causes. 650K from heart disease, 600K from cancer, and 62K from influenza.

    1. To keep this in perspective, well over 130,000 have died in under 5 months and that’s with safety protocols in place in all 50 states.

      1. Safety protocols? LOL New York State has roughly 25% of the total US deaths, yet #4 in population. Texas is #2 as to population, yet #12 when it comes to deaths. Safety protocols my foot! Going to the beach, huge parties. People just asking for it.

      2. In perspective? How about in context. In a country with over 320 million people. Now do your fuzzy math and tell us the mortality rate. What a nitwit!

      3. And what are your stats for all other diseases little Stevie of wonderland?
        Bet you haven’t checked those out. Only what scares you to death. Your shadow.

      4. Perspective? Really? Biden just said Florida reported 15,000 new cases of COVID19 in a single day? And the media reported it no less. Get out of your closet and get real perspective. By the way the real number was 50 cases, not 15,000. Is this the guy you want to vote for in Nov? Really?

  2. Stay at home if you can. Wear a mask. Maintain social distancing. Wash your hands. Vote the orange buffoon out of office and vote against any and all Republicans running for Congress. They believe the virus is a hoax so they are a clear and oresent danger to the nation.

  3. It’s the libtard buffoon marktuner. Spreading fake news like you usually do dolt. The hoax was the Democraps blaming the President for causing the virus. But he informed the country of the COVID-19 in his February 4 SOTU address. The Democraps were too busy trying to impeach him and had no concern for the virus or it’s ramifications. Pelosi was too busy tearing up the SOTU address.

    1. It also appears Fero that they are hospitalizing people that are testing negative for the COVID19 even though they don’t have it. I bet the stats these fools are putting out are even less accurate than we thought.

  4. Blowhard Johnnie Trump spent all of 20 seconds of his SOTU address talking about some China Virus and about 30 minutes about old bag of wind Rush Limbaugh. Raved about The Doctor of Lunacy and gave him Presidential medal of Freedom. Been denying the dangers of Covid19 ever since. Posted Twitter comment of Chuck Woolery that everyone including CDC is lying about the virus to bring down the economy and Trump. Facts like 138k virus deaths are not enough for right wing rabid voters to vote Trump out. Today is July 14, 2020 and Trump is the most corrupt president of all time!

  5. Federal Judge in Boston just said Dictator Trump has rescinded his rule deporting international students. The idiot knew that he couldn’t make the ruling happen, so he dropped it. Another judge has said Mary Trump is free to publish and to tell the truth about his psychotic uncle. Go judges. No one is above the Law not even would be Potentate Trump. Good for America! Bad for Psycho Johnnie!

  6. Listen to Mark, and stay alive, dummies. Your ineffective fake President ain’t gonna help you with burial costs or hospital Bill’s after you catch this Virus you call a nasty flu.

    1. The fact that your entire source of information is the Castro Communist markturner really does say a lot. Following that uninformed A-hole is a clear source of hatred and incompetence.

      1. I say the same about your Right Wing nut job groupies. Too ashamed to admit you guys are in the denial stage. It’s ok, go ahead and admit it. It will do you good.

  7. The #DumpTrump Movement is in full swing and more and more Republicans and Independents are joining the movement! Some Democrats and Independents helped Trump squeak out a win in swings states in 2016, but since he made a holy mess of the presidency there’s a snowball’s chance in Hell that they’ll vote for him this time around. Sleepy Joe is now fully awake and ready to kick some Trump ass. You Go Joe! BIDEN/HARRIS 2020 and 2024!

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