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El Paso ISD teacher arrested for possession of THC


EL PASO, Texas -- The El Paso school district confirms to ABC-7 that a teacher was arrested for possession of THC, a chemical ingredient in marijuana that is considered a controlled substance

A spokesperson said district police arrested the teacher, who taught at Terrace Hills Middle School, on May 6.

The teacher was not identified by the school district, but a district spokesperson said the teacher is no longer employed with the district.

News of the arrest comes just over a week after a Canutillo ISD spokesperson confirmed a Canutillo High School teacher was arrested on charges involving on-campus drug use. Authorities indicated the person was in possession of THC.

Authorities said it is illegal to possess THC in a drug-free school zone

The Canutillo school district declined to identify the teacher. The teacher was booked into the El Paso County Detention Facility and later released on a personal recognizance bond, authorities indicated.




  1. It sounds like it was on campus – if true then they did the right thing. But if it was off campus on his own time then it’s time to change the laws. Actually it overdue.

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