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10 dead or hurt in El Paso car crash after Border Patrol chase included residents of 3 nations

Scene of a car crash along Paisano in downtown El Paso that killed 7 people.

EL PASO, Texas -- The seven people who were killed and three injured when a car being pursued by the U.S. Border Patrol crashed are citizens of three different countries, El Paso police said Friday.

The crash victims, ranging in age from at least 16 to 25, included residents of El Paso and Ciudad Juarez, as well as Mexican and Guatemalan nationals. Two of the three survivors were the only ones identified by name.

Below is the tentative list of victims provided by police:

  • Driver: 18 –year old male (deceased) of El Paso
  • Passenger 1: Male, Mexican national (deceased)
  • Passenger 2: female, no other information (deceased)
  • Passenger 3: female, El Paso resident (deceased)
  • Passenger 4: male, El Paso resident (deceased)
  • Passenger 5: female, El Paso resident (deceased)
  • Passenger 6: male, no other information (deceased)
  • Passenger 7: 16 –year old male of Juarez, Chih. MX
  • Passenger 8: 18 –year old Omar Garcia Hernandez of Juarez, Chih. MX
  • Passenger 9: 25 –year old Wilmur Gomez of Guatemala

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A police spokesman later indicated that efforts to identify the victims were being hampered because some victims had no IDs, while others apparently had fake IDs.

Sgt. Enrqiue Carillo said the Mexican Consulate disputed the identity of the hospitalized passenger thought to be 18–year-old Omar Garcia Hernandez of Juarez, indicating the identification on the man didn't match government records.

"We don't have absolute confirmation of their identities," Carillo said. "As it turns out, we're finding out some of the people from Juarez were not from Juarez."

Police have said all ten people were inside a four-door compact car when it crashed shortly after 2:15 a.m. on Thursday in downtown El Paso.

The three survivors, listed as passengers 7 to 9 on the police list, remained hospitalized with serious injuries on Friday.

Authorities said the Border Patrol was trying to stop the car when it sped away and crashed into a semi-trailer in front of a building.

But an eyewitness to the crash disputed the Border Patrol's contention that agents had backed off from chasing the car before it crashed.

The witness, who requested anonymity because of his job, told ABC-7 he saw the car speed by at what he believed to be 90 miles an hour, with the Border Patrol following, before hearing the crash. He said the border agents arrived at the crash scene within 10 to 15 seconds later.

That crash, near the intersection of Paisano Street and San Antonio Avenue, is believed to be one of the deadliest in El Paso history.

Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. Rip. Dying chasing a decent living is sad. Shame on the country’s they come from for not providing a decent living wage. These folks keep America fed, build homes, etc. for a minimum wage. And some get exploited and the business owners tax evade.

    1. Another ridiculous and uninformed statement from the right. Those who are citizens, alive, and are registered could vote in November. However they are too young to understand the importance of doing so. Their deaths were in part, due to what happens when you don’t vote.

  2. I’m not sure how this was due to people not voting. I think it had more to do with excess speed and having 10 people crammed into a car that would normally seat 4.

    1. If we were under a more humane, decent, and moral regime in Washington, maybe the Border Patrol would not have been chasing these kids in the first place. People not voting and taking the polls for granted in the rust belt are responsible for the morally unfit and racist orange buffoon being elected on a fluke. The election of this human filth to the highest office in the land should tell us all how important voting is so as to avoid another disaster like this befalling our nation.

      1. Border patrol was not chasing these kids for being suspected illegals. They tried to stop them because they failed to yield the right of way and almost caused an accident. They would not stop, and began a high-speed chase. The onus of this befalling them is on their heads not border patrol’s.

          1. Then I stand corrected. However, I wonder whay the border patrol was concerned about a local state traffic violation when such is not within their jurisdiction?

          2. A new witness has just come forth disputing the notion that the border patrol had called off the chase. He says they chased the car until it lost control at the curve on Paisano.

          1. So as far as jurisdiction goes, if a border patrol saw you being attacked you would want their help, right?

      2. True, if Washington was doing their job properly the illegals would have never made it that far. Ifwashington did third job the border would be sealed and this shit would never happen and idiots like you could stay in your basement

      3. If KVIA had actual reporters, they would ask:
        Whose car was it?
        Why was a 16 year old out at 3 AM?
        What is their criminal history?
        How many were illegal aliens?
        Was there any alcohol or drugs in the vehicle?
        Was there any alcohol or drugs in the victims?
        Is the driver’s mother under investigation for child neglect?

  3. “A police spokesman later indicated that efforts to identify the victims were being hampered because some victims had no IDs, while others apparently had fake IDs”. Good parenting right there. Unfortunate in this age of victimization they will blame law enforcement for the lack of common sense and self preservation of these young people. Play dumb games win , win dumb prizes.

      1. Yeah I agree. All those awful people that protest and riot. Those monsters that burn down innocent people’s homes and businesses. Those monsters that burn down police stations and beat up people that dont agree with them. Oh wait that’s the left that does all that shit

  4. “He saw the car speed by at what he believed to be 90 miles an hour.” So the alleged witness has a calibrated eyeball or speed radar? So much for credibility. Plus 10-15 seconds is technically a long delay of time. Leave it up to KVIA to find flaky witnesses.

      1. What I find incredible is KVIA actually finding and quoting some unreliable witness that thinks he/she knows when a car is doing 90 mph in order to push their anti-police and anti Border Patrol narrative. Clearly a non-credible exaggeration.

  5. Much like black career criminals resisting arrest, thus dying in the process – DON’T RUN/SPEED AWAY FROM LEO.

    Stop, stay calm, take your arrest like a man. Or a Democrat. They’re less than men.

  6. Border patrol is irresponsible placing us citizens in danger die to their actions. They could have killed innocent people. Nice job. Then again, border patrol ain’t too smart. Did y’all know you have helicopters for back up? No let’s just race they downtown at 90mph! Lol. Urndharts!!!!!!!!

    1. The 18 year old kid caused the multiple deaths by cramming 10 people into a compact car, speeding and evading law enforcement. CBP simply did there jobs. If you don’t like it then too bad.

    2. I can only assume you are referring to the illegals. They were the ones leading the chase after all. And you are right they should be ashamed. Breaking into a country illegally, violating laws and putting american lives at risk

  7. It was a bad decision by the people to cramp into a small car to begin with. From then on it was a decision that snowballed into a horrible accident. All of El Paso is mourning the deaths of these people, including the Border Patrol Agents who saw the whole incident from beginning to end. These agents will forever be traumatized by the deaths of these souls just like the families of the deceased. The investigation will be ongoing but not to put blame on anyone. Hopefully instead the investigation will be an opportunity to learn from this tragic situation and avoid this tragedy from happening again. Rest in Peace.

    1. So far what most of us have learned from this tragedy is you don’t cram 10 people into a compact clown car and expect to get away with illegal human trafficking. Plus do a reckless 90 mph evading the law. But you are too stupid to learn from these type mistakes. BTW – Your hatred of law enforcement is as bad as your TDS.

      1. Look at the Intellectual Feo! His intellect outshines everyone on this web site. Put on your shades everybody! His Intellect gets so impressive that it comes out as gibberish, and Grade School Insults that make everybody giggle. He seems to have used up his ounce of intellect a long time ago. Quick, get your twin “bottom of the barrel LEO,” MensoMike to defend you.

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