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2 fleeing New Mexico robbers blamed for triggering 4-car crash in northeast El Paso

(Editor's note: A prior version of this report indicated 52 –year-old Marco Carrillo, who was critically injured in the crash, had died. It has been corrected to reflect that he remains on life-support. We regret the error.)

UPDATE, June 8: Two New Mexico men allegedly fleeing after committing a store robbery are blamed for triggering a four-car crash at a northeast El Paso intersection over the weekend that has left a man fighting for his life, police said Tuesday.

26–year-old Eric Gomez and 21–year-old Pedro Vale, both of Chaparral, are being charged with aggravated robbery by authorities; bond for each man has been set at $500,000.

Moments before their car running a red light at Dyer Street and Gateway North and causing the crash, police said an officer had observed the pair speeding away from a store at Montana and Gateway North and suspected a robbery had just occurred. That officer would then witness the crash, police indicated.

As the accused robbers' car spun out of control at the intersection, it struck three other cars and left one of those drivers fighting for his life; 52 –year-old Marco Carrillo remained on life support in the hospital on Tuesday. Carrillo's car and the others hit were making their way through the intersection with a green light, officials said.

Detectives said Tuesday that the case remains under investigation, suggesting that more charges against the arrested pair is possible.

The crash was initially reported as involving five vehicles, but police clarified in their incident report released Tuesday that only four cars collided.

ORIGINAL REPORT, June 6: EL PASO, Texas -- Two people were critically injured late Sunday morning in a five-car fiery crash in northeast El Paso.

Traffic investigators were summoned around 11 a.m. to the collision scene at Dyer Street and Gateway North, where one of the vehicles caught fire.

Police said both northbound and southbound lanes of Dyer were closed to traffic due to the crash.

The two critically hurt motorists were taken to a local hospital with what police described as life-threatening injuries.

There was no immediate word on what triggered the crash.

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