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President Trump visits Louisiana, Texas to view hurricane cleanup

ORANGE, Texas — The destructive storm surge has receded, and the cleanup has begun from Hurricane Laura that roared ashore early Thursday, packing 150 mph winds. 

The U.S. toll from the Category 4 hurricane rose to 16 deaths Saturday, with more than half of those killed by carbon monoxide poisoning from the unsafe operation of generators. The latest deaths included an 80-year-old woman and an 84-year-old man who died from just such a poisoning.

President Donald Trump toured the damage in Louisiana and Texas on Saturday and received briefings on relief efforts.

White House spokesman Judd Deere said Trump traveled “to be with those who have been impacted by Hurricane Laura.”

As Air Force One came in for landing in hard-hit Lake Charles, Louisiana, Trump got a bird's eye view of the extensive damage, the smashed houses, downed power lines and trees, and debris strewn across the region.

“It was a tremendously powerful storm,” Trump said as he met with officials and relief workers during his two-hour visit, but not with any of the residents whose homes had been ripped apart in the storm.

The president then flew by helicopter to Orange, Texas, which was the worst-hit area in the state. Several hundred supporters greeted his arrival with Trump 2020 flags, banners and signs. Among the officials on hand were Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas.

Before a flyover to view damaged areas, Trump and other officials visited the emergency operations center in Orange County to discuss storm damage and the government response. He flew back to Washington, D.C. on Saturday evening.

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  1. I think Maria in Puerto Rico was his ‘Katrina’. I hope his staff told him not to throw rolls of papers towels to survivors this time. Maria was just another failure in a long list with this administration. Maybe he learned his lesson and will listen to advisors when dealing with this one.

      1. Yeah you are correct about the supplies being mismanaged. We still don’t know whete all the money went. The orange buffoon’s FEMA being inept and the rampant corruption incorrectly handled by the orange buffoon administration was a perfect recipe for failure.

          1. Wannabealberto, where do you get your facts? Tucker Carlson or QAnon? If you believe everything Tramp spits out of his a**, go ahead and inject Lysol into your veins.

    1. Nah. You’re delusional as usual. Maria was Puerto Rico’s Katrina. Wasn’t that Obama that waited several days for the flood waters to recede before visiting Louisiana during the Louisiana Great Flood of 2016? Too busy playing golf. Obama decided to ride out the disaster on Martha’s Vineyard instead of visiting the flood zone or even tossing on a jacket and making some televised statement of support. That’s a fact. That’s analogous to Bush’s Katrina.

  2. President Trump is up 7 points over Biden in Texas and 16 points over Biden in Louisiana. Will he get a bump after this visit? The polls are tightening and shifting towards President Trump. He’s up 2 points in Michigan of all places and tied in Minnesota. Put that in you pipe and smoke it markturner. Biden/Harris going down.

    1. The orange buffoon is down 3.5 in Michigan with all the polls averaged. In Texas the buffoon is only up 3.5 points with all the polls averaged. Both within the margin of error.

        1. If the election wete today with the same poll leads in each state coming true, Sleepy Joe would have 304 electoral votes. Add it up. Of course we all know these polls mean nothing.

          1. Very funny. Harris/Biden….whoops. Biden/Harris is a trainwreck. Going down. To think otherwise is delusion at it’s best.

        2. Polls averaged? Good laugh. What counts is the most current/recent polls. You just won’t admit the inevitable which is a Jo Ho 202 total defeat. You’re delusional and in denial.

  3. Trump visits Texas? Did he bring his golf clubs. 105 million dollars of American’s tax money spent for travel , security and other expenses for golf outings since he became ‘president.’ Criticized Obama for golfing outings during Louisiana flood where 13 people lost their lives. Fast forward to Hurricane Maria where 3000 people died. Afterward he discussed selling the Island to sell Electricity or some other Moronic idea. Trump golfs more than once in every five days while people are dying at a rate of one thousand per day because of Covid19. Too busy doing his *exercise* Here comes Duffus Trump! Foooooore!

      1. His accountants are fixing the numbers so it looks like he is *donating* his salary. You are a fool to think he isn’t making money while he is president. All his years as a Real Estate businessman taught him how to cheat the system. You will see that once his finances are checked by New York’s Attorney General among many others. He is a born Crook and Cheater, how do you think he made his money? Certainly not by giving business partners and workers a fair shake. He even stiffed his undocumented workers of a lot of money.

    1. Maybe if more people played some golf or got some other forms of exercise they wouldn’t be dying from an illness that has a 1% mortality rate. Only the strong survive. Thats nature. Natural selection.

      1. If only the strong survive, then Trump is a rare exception. A freak of Nature I would say. Eating Hamburgers for Lunch and watching Fox News all morning to get his Briefings, followed by a round of golf is not recommended for a 74 year Fat and Cholesterol laden old Man. More like he has a Pact with the Devil to stay alive. The Picture of Dorian Gray sound familiar?

  4. What will old Fart AV ever do after his Idol Trump is kicked out of office. No more posting lies and skewed facts to back up his Fat Lard Ass pussygrabber president! Will have to spend his time doing 1000 piece puzzles of Trump’s Orange Glow in the Dark big Head, or watching old tapes of Trump crying because he Lost the election Bigly. He will have to be put on Meds to keep him from running through the neighborhood at night screaming, The Election was fixed, the election was fixed. Fixed for Biden by China no less.

      1. Obama never received any money other than his presidential salary while in office. He made lots of money from book sales after leaving the White House.

          1. I have every one of them. I have everything his wife wrote. I have all the books George W. Bush wrote. I have presidential tomes all the way back to Woodrow Wilson.

    1. Ditto. Uvacowboy just made a statement we should all think seriously about. The sooner we get away from Republican and Democrat and start embracing what is really best for the nation, the better off we’ll be.

      1. I am a little disappointed that Trump mentioned his opinion on the ballot by mail. Even though I support most of his policies and views. This was not the place or time.

  5. OriginalMAGAtard, at least Obama earned his wealth through hard work and dedication along with Michelle, unlike Tramp and the former stripper. As Black Americans, the Obamas earned their education with their intelligence and hard work, whole Tramp paid his way through college – always using daddy’s money and name to take the easy way out.

    1. It’s another Alberto tranny F fest starring Mia the fake women played by Alberto. An IT. Obama’s education? Good laugh. He never released his grade transcripts to prove he had one. He did get educated as a Muslim though.

  6. Going to polling places to vote in person is a dying and disappearing practice. Just like gasoline powered cars. The world is changing. Deal with it or get left behind.

    1. You’re a moron. Not in El Paso or any other parts of Texas. Have you checked the El Paso County Elections stats? In person voting in early voting and regular election day voting blows away absentee voting. No contest. Obviously you don’t vote because you don’t know jack about elections. The only reason Democraps want cheat by mail is so they can win elections that they fear losing. You can’t absentee vote in Texas because you don’t qualify.

        1. You can’t qualify moron. You’re not real. Just a figment of psycho Alberto’s demented imagination. You don’t even live in the lower valley. BTW – How’s Darlene? Cat got your tongue? lmao.

        1. I’m in the process of buying a Tesla right now. I can fill it up for $1.68 and drive it allday all over El Paso. Also no more oil changes, anti-freeze, or maintenance expense. I’d have to be an idiot to keep driving my gas guzzling Land Rover.

          1. Alberto aka markturner is getting more and more delusional and psychotic every day. You’re so full of crap it’s starting to come out of your mouth. You don’t drive jack shit. BTW – How’s Darlene? Cat got your tongue? LMAO.

        2. Electric cars will never ful)y replace gas cars. Won’t happen. Just like plant-based meaT will never replace actual meat. The earth cannot sustain the amount of materials that electric cars require.

          1. Your sure right about the meat! Have you had one of those plant based hamburgers? Disgusting is all I can say, but gas powered cars are over with.

  7. A gas guzzling Dodge Challenger Hellcat will go faster and outlast the Tesla. The Tesla will run out of charge. Proven by a California police department testing a Tesla for police use. The Tesla ran out of juice and the perp got away. Now how stupid is that.

      1. The Tesla loses. The Dodge Challenger Hellcat does 0 – 60 in 3.4. But you missed the point moron. The Tesla loses out of juice sooner. It can’t complete in long distance racing. Also gets blown away in the 1/4 mile. Then you need to get it recharged. That takes 1.5 hours. Markturner the star of fake news.

        1. Only problem is that it burns fossil fuels so it won’t be sold in the US in a few years. It won’t be long until gas powered cars are not manufactured anymore.

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