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What’s on Doppler’s radar? Let’s talk about benefits of wind

EL PASO, Texas -- We certainly are having a windy spring. We've racked up 39 windy days so far this season and I'm sure most of us are ready for calmer days.

But from all the negatives we can think of related to the wind, there are positives. Let's explain one of those.

Most of us get frustrated when the winds ruin a good hairstyle or end up canceling that outdoor birthday party. But did you know there's good news having windy days?

Take for instance pistachio trees.

Pistachio trees do not produce nuts on their own - they are not self-pollinators - they need help.

Pistachio Pete needs Pam and Pam needs Pete. Some of you may think the bees will transfer the pollen from Pete to Pam - wrong. Bees will not participate nor will any other insect.

So what transfers the pollen? The wind. The winds blow the pollen from Pete to Pam - and without the wind, you won't be able to join a handful of pistachios.

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Doppler Dave Speelman

‘Doppler Dave’ Speelman is ABC-7’s chief meteorologist.


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