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‘Cowboys for Trump’ group hopes to flip New Mexico into red state

“Cowboys for Trump,” a pro-Trump group of New Mexico cowboys, is looking to flip the state, turning it red. Their plan to achieve their goal: Helping their communities and raising awareness of the values and issues they think impact every New Mexican.

On Friday, the group rode along the U.S.-Mexico border to raise awareness of one of their main issues: border security.

“The main thing is security; it’s been a problem,” Scott Chandler, a New Mexico rancher and member of the group, said. “We really want to encourage legal immigration, to shut down the drugs, the child trafficking.”

By raising awareness to issues like the border and other ones that affect New Mexicans, they hope to flip the state of New Mexico from blue to red.

“If we can do that, we can flush the blue toilet of Santa Fe, we can introduce policies that work for New Mexicans, and we can make our state number one in the union,” Couy Griffin, an Otero County Commissioner and “Cowboys for Trump” founder, said.

And they aren’t looking to just talk about the issues, but plan to hit the streets and go around New Mexico with their message.

“Constitutional values and our constitution, that’s where that’s where the greatness of America lies and that’s the drum we beat the loudest,” Griffin said.

“We were part of in Deming where the migrants were coming in, we jumped in,” Chandler said. “I’m on the board of Adelante Now and gave a $10,000 donation to the city because the money coming in from the government wasn’t meeting the gaps.”

However, the biggest hope for the group is to see the potential of New Mexico unlocked.

“New Mexico, I keep saying over and over, is like a treasure chest that hasn’t even been opened yet,” Griffin said. “What will open that chest is to get our politics back in order.”

Democrats currently hold majorities in the New Mexico state senate and house. Democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan-Grisham started serving as governor at the beginning of 2019.

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