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Judge bars Otero County commissioner who leads ‘Cowboys for Trump’ from son over posts, masks

Cowboys for Trump
Couy Griffin (right) is an Otero County Commissioner who founded the group Cowboys for Trump.

OTERO COUNTY, New Mexico — A state district judge has barred the leader of the New Mexico group Cowboys for Trump from seeing his son over social media posts and for refusing to abide by Covid-19 mask requirements.

District Judge Mary Rosner ruled last month that Couy Griffin can only see his son on Facetime calls after ignoring orders to remove social media photos of his son at Cowboys for Trump events. The judge said Griffin also has defied health orders to put a mask on his son at public events and has openly said he will continue to do so.

The ruling comes after lawyers for Griffin’s ex-wife, Kourtnie, filed an emergency motion in May to modify their custody and visitation agreement. The motion said Couy Griffin “has publicly expressed views and opinions which have incited threats of violence” to his ex-wife and son.

Griffin told The Associated Press he’s had to make sacrifices for his beliefs and didn’t think it was fair that the court will keep his son away from him.

Griffin also said the reelection campaign for President Donald Trump is distancing itself from the group after Griffin posted a video saying some Black athletes should “go back to Africa.”

Democrats called the remarks racists.

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  1. Another Kkk Racists Bigot for Trump bites the Dust. Blacks back to Africa?
    Yeah, Trump is all for it, but won’t admit it. Wants to say he disagrees with this Nut just to try and save whatever little chance he has of being reelected. While he is at it he should also come out and condemn all the other Right Wingers running around with Nazi and Confederate flags asking everybody that’s not White to get out of their Country. I know, I’m Dreaming again.

  2. I hope they crack down on kids being taken to pride parades, that is sickening but somehow more accepted than taking your kids to a trump rally. But really the biggest ego here is “mom’s”……..hardly a mother who tries to keep a son from his father

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