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U.S. House votes to up stimulus checks to $2,000 & override Trump’s defense bill veto

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UPDATE: WASHINGTON, DC — The U.S. House has voted to increase Covid-19 relief checks to $2,000, meeting President Donald Trump’s demand for bigger payments and sending the bill to the GOP-controlled Senate, where the outcome is uncertain.

Democrats led passage, 275-134, their majority favoring additional assistance. They had settled for smaller $600 payments in a compromise with Republicans over the big year-end relief bill Trump reluctantly signed into law.

The vote divides Republicans who mostly resist more spending. But many House Republicans joined in support, despite being wary of bucking the president. Senators are set to return to session Tuesday to consider the measure.

The House also voted 322-87 to override President Trump’s veto of the $741 billion defense bill in a bi-partisan rebuke. If approved by the Senate, the override would be the first of Trump’s presidency.

Trump rejected the defense bill last week, saying it failed to limit social media companies he claims were biased against him during his failed re-election campaign. Trump also opposes language that allows for the renaming of military bases that honor Confederate leaders.

The bill affirms 3% pay raises for U.S. troops and authorizes billions in military programs and construction and has broad support in Congress.

ORIGINAL REPORT: WASHINGTON, DC — The U.S. House of Representatives will vote on Monday on a measure to increase stimulus checks for Americans under a certain income level to $2,000 after President Trump signed a sweeping coronavirus relief bill into law Sunday evening.

That legislation, which was negotiated on a bipartisan basis, provides for $600 in direct payments, but after a deal was brokered and passed out of Congress, Trump railed against the amount as too low and called for $2,000 checks instead, prompting House Democrats to push for an increase.

Democrats have seized on Trump’s 11th-hour complaint over the direct payments in a bid to push congressional Republicans to accept a higher amount, forcing GOP lawmakers to decide whether or not to defy the President after many have argued that the overall cost for a stimulus package should not rise too high.

House Republicans blocked an effort by Democrats to advance $2,000 checks last week, but the House will try again on Monday with a floor vote. That vote will require a two-thirds majority to pass since it is taking place under a suspension of the rules, a threshold that means it would need a wide margin of bipartisan support to be approved.

A Republican leadership aide told CNN that while the Republican side is not whipping the bill, “there’s a good chance it can pass.” It’s far from certain, but aides are warning it’s possible.

“The President must immediately call on congressional Republicans to end their obstruction and to join him and Democrats in support of our stand-alone legislation to increase direct payment checks to $2,000, which will be brought to the Floor tomorrow,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a statement Sunday evening after Trump signed the stimulus legislation.

“Every Republican vote against this bill is a vote to deny the financial hardship that families face and to deny the American people the relief they need,” Pelosi said.

The President’s last-minute objections to the stimulus legislation initially threw into question whether he would sign it at all. When Trump finally did sign the legislation Sunday evening, he signaled in a statement that he signed the coronavirus relief bill only after securing a commitment for the Senate to consider legislation to increase stimulus checks from $600 to $2,000. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, however, did not reference that commitment in his own statement Sunday night praising the President for signing the relief bill.

If the bill actually passes the House of Representatives with a strong Republican vote, it will put McConnell in a tough position of having to decide whether to bring the provision to the floor in the Senate as a standalone bill. While the President has been urging Republicans to up the payments, many Republicans in McConnell’s ranks have made it clear they don’t think an increase is warranted given how much it would increase the price tag of the stimulus bill. A vote on the checks would likely divide the GOP conference and force some members to endure Trump’s ire in his final days in office.

Eligibility for the checks is determined by a person’s most recent tax returns. Anyone who made under $75,000 as an individual or $150,000 as a couple would receive the full amount. The amount individuals receive decreases by $5 for every $100 a person makes over $75,000. In short, that means that individuals who make over $99,000 would not be eligible nor would couples making more than $198,000.

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      1. Most people (not all) people on welfare & section 8 housing are on it by choice. Either lack of an education or/& having children they cannot afford without the government enabling them.

          1. Typical right wing response. We don’t get to make these moral judgements. Welfare is not decided on the criteria you complain of. Its based on need at the time of application. That’s one of the main differences between right and left. The right is good at making moral judgements that have no bearing whatever on the issues at hand.

    1. Uvacowboy shut up. The ones in welfare should get a lump sump of 30-50k to catch up on bills, etc. it wasn’t their fault they caught covid. I would disqualify those who have other forms of income, dat pensions , I.e. double dippers.

  1. Only people who have lost their jobs as a direct result of these liberal, draconian measures AND pay taxes should get it. Anyone still working doesn’t need it and shouldn’t get it.

    1. Policies to protect the public from the orange buffoon’s folly over the pandemic were neither liberal or conservative. They were sound advice from public health experts. Most of this advice was rejected by the uneducated white trash and that has caused the pandemic to be more deadly. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

      1. Tell that to Californians. Their state is on the brink of complete destruction with the strongest restrictions in the country and have gained nothing against China virus. Masks and restrictions have killed more people that the stupid virus.

    2. Get over yourself, granny. Who died and made you government spending overseer. Your lack of empathy for others less fortunate will leave Saint Peter gasping for air when your old sack of bones gives up the ghost and shows up at the Pearly Gates.

      1. The government works for us not the other way around you moron. Read the constitution. You only want everyone to get a check because you don’t have a job.

    1. Obviously we suffered a moral lapse as evidenced when we allowed a immoral degenerate like the orange buffoon to soil the ‘People’s House’ and make our nation the laughing stock of the world.

      1. You’re the immortal idiot who voted for Biden. Biden is the most corrupt, illegitimate, incompetent politician in US history. The White Jouse will soon be China red thanks to the idiot knowns as China Joe. And idiots in this country actually voted for that idiot

        1. Again you demonstrate that you only listen to conspiracy theory news. If you want to stop sounding like a lunatic you will have to stop watching the wacko news.

    2. Stay away from Bars and Churches they are more trouble than they are worth. Don’t need a Church to pray in, and don’t need a Bar to drink good tequila in!!

          1. She didn’t sit on it. It was passed in the House and sent to the Senate where Moscow Mitch refused to bring it up for a vote.

      1. Nadodave fu&k yourself. Still suffering from the Trump loss hangover? Don’t go get into your RV and blow yourself up now. Lol!!!!! Go hide where you belong pucker face Trumptard!

    1. You are in the right track alberto pedo muerto but not quite. People are leaving Cal by droves because of the very bad decision their elected officials screwed up royally. But that would be too hard for you to understand you slimy green maggot son of a bitch. My apologies to the bitch.

      1. Hey MierDave! Speaking of Bitches, you left your garter belt, fishnet stockings and wig at the Greyhound station. Give them a call, they are waiting for you to pick them up!! Hurry!!!!!

  2. Its not just California in trouble. All states are in a fix because we never had a uniform national response to the pandemic. That’s on the orange buffoon.

    1. And biden hasn’t an idea as to how to make things different. Silent as the maggot that he is. 40 stinking years in government and NOT ONE beneficial law to American citizens tied to his name. Not one. So get in line comrade turner and take Trumps’ vaccine. You misanthrope sycophant.

        1. Why do you keep talking about communism? No one has suggested or preached any such doctrine. Do you know what the definition of ‘communism’ is?

          1. You’ll find out soon enough. That’s where we’re heading. CCP owns Biden. He even released intel to them. That’s why they stopped briefing him. Pay better attention moron.

          1. What do you call shutting down schools and churches and restaurants and small businesses? Mark Turner you are an uninformed moron.

  3. Nadodave you are too poor and stupid To worry about your measly tax pennies. Lol. Quit acting like you contribute pendejo. You are a taker. Faker. Double dipper. Government fed son of a bitch. Couldn’t even poke the right hol$).

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