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Texas’ political future may lie in the hands of minorities

EL PASO, Texas -- The future of Texas politics lies in the hands of minority voters, according to Democrat efforts and the Republican lieutenant governor.

El Paso’s Beto O’Rourke declaring his goal to make the Texas house blue, but no luck on the first race he helped in. Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick visiting El Paso says no matter how secure, voters can’t be taken for granted.

“I never get overconfident. Any person running for office, and I’m not on the ballot this year but I’m working hard for everyone who is, who gets overconfident sometimes ends up losing,” Patrick said, speaking before a Republican Party dinner in El Paso Saturday.

Patrick criticized Democrat positions like being pro choice, calling them obstacles stopping them from reaching religious populations.

“That doesn’t sit well with Catholics, Christians, and people who believe life is important," Patrick said.

Religion becomes an even more important point when Catholic Hispanic voters are taken into account. As the Texas population grows every year both Democrats and Republicans are hoping to win over minorities. With Texas being more racially diverse the parties are counting on them to keep power or win it when it comes to the Lone Star state.

“I don’t think you’re going to turn Texas blue in the near future or maybe ever because as long as you continue taking these extreme positions, extreme positions, they’re gonna have a tough time getting the votes of our growing Hispanic, Anglo, and African American population,” Patrick said.

The Texas Tribune reports there are nearly two dozen Texas house seats in play that could flip control to Democrats.

Julio-Cesar Chavez

Julio-Cesar Chavez is an ABC-7 reporter.



  1. A story covering a campaign visit by the REPUBLICAN Lt.Governor is spun into a whine about how ASSCLOWN Beto dreams of turning Texas into a Democrat DUMPSTER FIRE?
    Come on KVIA, at least TRY to publish stuff based in reality…dang.

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