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El Paso GOP holds drive-thru rally for President Trump

Trump Yard sign
A volunteer prepares a Trump yard sign.

EL PASO, Texas -- The citywide closures connected to coronavirus are forcing many in the Borderland to change the way they do business. We've seen restaurants following mandates that allow them to operate on a drive-thru only basis, now we are seeing political parties do the same.

Both El Paso County Republican and Democratic conventions were scheduled to happen Saturday afternoon, but the outbreak of the virus forced both parties to postpone.

"We had to change our Republican convention scheduled today due to the coronavirus. Due to the Texas rules we had to do parliamentary procedures to open up the meeting and then adjourn it to a future date," said Adolpho Telles, chairman of the Republican Party in El Paso.

Instead of a convention, the local GOP put together a drive-through service to accommodate those looking for a "Trump 2020" yard sign or a bumper sticker donning the phrase "Keep America Great."

"We decided to make it an event and handout Trump-Pence bumper stickers and we call it drive-up politicking," Telles said. "People Pull up, we give them Trump signs and bumper stickers, we had to get together anyway, we decided to make it a political event."

The event was held at the Republican Party headquarters, where volunteers practiced social distancing.

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  1. If you post a Trump sign in your yard be sure to have your AR15 locked and loaded and plenty of ammo. I’m surprised there are still morons with Beto for Senate bumper stickers. Hello….LOSERS! BTW – Make your donations direct to the Trump campaign.

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