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Texas Gov. Abbott to skip Republican National Convention due to virus concerns

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott
Pool photo
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott during a recent briefing.

AUSTIN, Texas -- Texas Gov. Greg Abbott will skip the scaled-down Republican National Convention later this month in North Carolina as his state continues to fight a surge in Covid-19 cases.

Abbott detailed his decision to GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel in a letter obtained by ABC News.

"It was an honor being selected to serve as Chair of the Texas Delegation for the 2020 Republican National Convention," Abbott wrote. "However, as we deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, my top priority remains focused on protecting the health and safety of Texans. As such, my duties as Governor will not permit me to attend the convention session in Charlotte, and specifically the 37(e) convention on Monday, August 24, 2020."

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick will instead represent Texas at the convention.

Abbott met with President Donald Trump on his visit to Texas on July 29, even greeting him on the tarmac as he stepped off Air Force One.

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    1. Gaffy Biden will be in an Alzheimers nursing home well before the election. President Trump will win. Put this in your crack pipe moron. “President Trump’s Rasmussen approval rating hit 51% on Monday 8/3/2020”. BTW – The NYT rag wants to get rid of presidential debates now. Gee I wonder why? LMAO.

        1. Hey markturner didn’t you brag about Biden being up 15 points last week over President Trump? The newest poll at RCP shows Biden’s feeble lead dropped to 4 points. His lead is clearly deflating. The race is tightening. Better check that out moron. LMAO.

      1. Rasmussen poll is pro Trump with a 10 point margin of error. Laughable poll which nobody takes seriously. Didn’t you think we would check it? Nice try, dummy!

          1. Keep trying to fool people with your wishful thinking. You are only fooling yourself. Poor maga is so far gone he is doubting all the polls. If you are so sure Trump will win, just skip the November election. You Republicans have the election all wrapped up with a big Red Bow, right? Yeah, only in a parallel world where you are his vice president, Mike is the speaker of the house, and Feo secretary of interior. If it sounds cartoonish, it’s only because this is all possible in the minds of Trump zombies.

        1. Ux2ydrna is an idiot. You didn’t check jack. Pro Trump Rasmussen showed Biden up over Trump by 6 points on July 28 but I bet you liked that poll. Who’s the dummy.

    2. Mark, that’s absolutely true. The ultra-conservatives have turned against him. They have publicly disagreed with him about all of the Covid prevention measures he has mandated.

  1. That’s what Abbot is saying in public, but, like many other Republicans, he doesn’t want to be seen with Loser Trump. Trump should just skip the Election in November. He will just embarrass himself.

    1. You’re delusional. You must be talking about Joe Biden. NYT wants him to skip the debates. He has to come out of his basement sooner or later to talk to FNC Chris Wallace and other leftist media outlets. LMAO. BTW – “President Trump’s Rasmussen approval rating hit 51% on Monday, 8/3/2020”. TRUMP 2020!

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