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Graham criticizes Cruz’s bid to dispute election: ‘Zero chance of becoming reality’

Getty Images via CNN
U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas)

WASHINGTON, DC -- Republican U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham is calling the effort by Sen. Ted Cruz and other Republican senators to overturn the presidential election a “dodge” that doesn’t go far enough in helping President Donald Trump.

Graham said in a statement Sunday that Cruz has a “high bar” to show there was evidence of problems with the election. The South Carolina senator also said Cruz’s proposal has “zero chance of becoming reality.”

Cruz of Texas is leading a coalition of 11 GOP senators who vow to challenge the election results unless Congress agrees to launch a commission to investigate the outcome. They and others are prepared to object Wednesday when Congress convenes for a joint session to confirm Biden’s 306-232 electoral tally over Trump.

Graham, a top Trump ally, said that approach “is not effectively fighting for President Trump. It appears to be more of a political dodge than an effective remedy.”

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  1. Cruz. The most hated man in the Senate. It may become necessary to charge these anti-American Republicans with sedition and start jailing them if they continue to threaten democracy.

    1. Then you better be prepared do the same thing to everyone on the Mueller team, everyone who voted to impeach Trump, and every media outlet and democrat who pushed lie after lie about Trump. All of which was based on made up testimony with no merit, verification or truth. You’re the biggest uninformed idiot there ever was.

  2. Even trump called him Lyin’ Ted. maga needs to change his name fyi trump was impeached. WTF is wrong with this guy? Oxygen levels must be low or he’s the idiot.

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