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Abbott says he’ll use crowdfunding to build a Texas border wall

Border wall construction near the Rio Grande is shown in this file photo.
Border wall construction near the Rio Grande is shown in this file photo.

AUSTIN, Texas -- When Gov. Greg Abbott announced last week that Texas would build its own border wall, one of the immediate questions was who would pay for it.

Abbott has not fully detailed the plan yet, but he said in a podcast interview released Tuesday that the state will be soliciting donations from across the country to help fund the wall.

“When I do make the announcement later on this week, I will also be providing a link that you can click on and go to for everybody in the United States — really everybody in the entire world — who wants to help Texas build the border wall, there will be a place on there where they can contribute,” Abbott said on the podcast, a show about Republican politics called “Ruthless.”

Abbott made national headlines with his announcement Thursday in Del Rio that Texas would build its own wall at the Mexico border, though he provided no further details and said he would lay out the plan this week.

In the meantime, Abbott has faced threats of legal action and a bevy of questions about where, when and how such a wall could be constructed.

Abbott said in the podcast interview that the donations to Texas’ border wall will go to a fund “overseen by the state of Texas in the governor’s office.” He promised “great transparency,” saying “everyone will know every penny in, every penny out, but the sole purpose for those funds will be going to build the border wall.”

Abbott's plan would not be the first attempt to crowdfund a border wall. There was We Build The Wall, a private fundraising effort that raised more than $25 million after originally planning to construct 3 miles of fence posts in South Texas. Last year, four people involved in We Build The Wall — including Steve Bannon, the former adviser to President Donald Trump — were charged with allegedly defrauding donors to the effort. Trump pardoned Bannon before leaving office in January.

A closer parallel to Abbott’s plan may date to 2011, when the Arizona Legislature passed a law establishing a fund, complete with a fundraising website, to construct a fence along the state’s border with Mexico. The fund received almost $270,000 by 2014, and a state border security advisory committee decided to give most of the sum to a county sheriff in 2015. The sheriff instead invested the money in border security technology such as GPS systems and binoculars, according to the Arizona Republic.

Federal lawmakers have estimated that the border wall cost the Trump administration nearly $27 million per mile in some parts of Texas.

On Friday, one day after Abbott's announcement, the White House renewed its call to end construction of the border wall, calling on Congress to cancel funds it previously appropriated to border barriers and redirect them toward other border management efforts. The White House also said the Trump administration paid up to $46 million per mile for some segments of newly built parts of the wall.

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  1. 27 million dollars per mile? the private wall in sunland park cost 8 million for a half mile and that included lights a 16 ft wide concrete road and it goes up a 31% grade. it would be a lot less on flat ground without the lights and road

  2. Brilliant move Governor, Screw the liberal turds that oppose common sense, the people are tired of photo ops from the hypocrite’s in professional politics that arrive in there chartered planes paid for by us, and then go on TV and lie to Americans daily

  3. Dumb asses on comments above will agree with ANYTHING guv Abbutt says. Well, go ahead and send him money from your Social Security benefits. It will take about 100 million of you Numbnuts to contribute money for the “wall” and then you’ll still be a dollar short and a day late. Plus, Trump will probably steal most of the money for him and his family! How can anybody be so gullible and stupid to believe Abbuts and The Orange Blobs Lies and pipe dreams??? Oh yeah, if you are Retrumpican you’ll blindly believe in ANYTHING! You are no longer just pitiful, you are pitifully STUPID!!

    1. Give em hell Charlie! These Aholes are just blind and deaf to what The Fat Orange Blob wants to do to American Democracy. Are they Blind?? Or just Willing victims?? Stockholm Syndrome, anyone??

      1. What does he want to do? Please tell us. You can’t because you have no idea what your talking about and ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you would write you know you be a debunked lie.

  4. The Big Orange Blob and the Cripp Abbutt trying to con the American people into funding another Pie in the Sky project. Trumpturds can’t wait to write a check and receive a used and sweaty maga hat in the mail for their contribution. Don the Con and Abbut licker are just licking their lips waiting for the money to start coming in. What Morons! That other cripp Brian Kolfagg, and Steve Bannon tried this shit before and faced Federal Charges for stealing a good chunk of the money for personal use. Bannon was pardoned by the orange Blob, but Kolfagg is still facing federal charges charges including Tax Evasion as of May 2021. So go ahead and be a sucker and send in your pocket change!!

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