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El Paso virus deaths grow by 2, cases still surging; lack of Mother’s Day social distancing blamed

A map showing El Paso's 1,930 virus cases. Scroll down to the end of this article to view a better version of this map.

EL PASO, Texas — El Paso's Department of Public Health announced two new deaths Wednesday due to the coronavirus, as the county's death tally reached 54.

The latest victims were identified as two men, each in their 70s who had underlying health issues.

El Paso officials also reported another day of double-digit case increases, with 78 new virus infections to bring the county’s total number to 1,930.

City/County Health Authority Dr. Hector Ocaranza indicated there was "a strong correlation between the Mother’s Day weekend and the spike in positive cases."

“It is disappointing that we are again reporting the loss of two more members of our community,” added Dr. Ocaranza. “These men are not just a number for us; they are someone’s friend, neighbor, a parent, a loved one. It is for this reason that we need everyone to help us slow the spread of this virus by continuing to do what I have been urging for weeks."

Ocaranza cited a lack of following social distancing guidelines and not everyone wearing face coverings as contributing factors to the virus' spread in El Paso.

Concerns over the surge in El Paso prompted neighboring New Mexico Gov. Michele Lujan Grisham to warn Wednesday about travel between El Paso and Dona Ana counties, saying it poses a threat of spreading the virus.

Below is the latest El Paso coronavirus case locator map and other demographic information on the virus outbreak as provided by the health department.

The map shows the amount of positive cases by zip codes, with the number of cases in red dots: 79821 (8), 79835 (57), 79836 (12), 79838 (20), 79849 (50), 79853 (27), 79901 (28), 79902 (40), 79903 (58), 79904 (58), 79905 (76), 79907 (110), 79911 (11), 79912 (135), 79915 (85), 79922 (11), 79924 (115), 79925 (79), 79927 (108), 79928 (145), 79930 (58), 79932 (70), 79934 (38), 79935 (40), 79936 (236), 79938 (255).

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. 78 new virus infections in a county with over 750,000 people and the quack blames Mother’s Day gatherings for the spike? Talk about speculation and not backing himself with real facts. He should be commending most El Pasoans. If what he claims is true technically it would be far worse. At least he didn’t blame the phased re-openings and the Governor. Oops! His bad.

      1. Stop using the Lord’s name in vain moron. BTW – The only moron I see here is you. What’s the matter? Too stupid to put up a good argument against me?

        1. You bring up great points about the cases in a county of such a population. Then you get offended because someone used the name of your imaginary friend in a way you don’t like? Cripes, you got thin skin.

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  2. 2 deaths but cases are surging. Hey Jim Parker just report the numbers quit with your, 39% increase with ratio of 6:900 divided by the square root of 800 nonsense reporting. El Paso wants to stay inside let them, they don’t then let them…’s all about control people

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