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El Paso sees 27 more virus deaths for 3rd deadliest day of pandemic

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EL PASO, Texas (KVIA) -- The El Paso Department of Public Health reported 27 new coronavirus-related deaths Thursday. It was the county's third deadliest day of the pandemic and brings the death toll to 968 in El Paso County.

The latest fatalities include 16 women and 11 men ranging in age from their 40's to their 90's...

  • 1 woman in her 40s
  • 2 men in their 50s
  • 3 women in their 50s
  • 2 men in their 60s
  • 5 women in their 60s
  • 6 men in their 70s
  • 4 women in their 70s
  • 1 man in his 80s
  • 2 women in their 80s
  • 1 man in his 90s

Health officials also reported 545 new cases, plus 147 delayed cases.

Active cases dropped to 37, 586, which was 115 fewer than the day before. Since the start of the pandemic there have been 88,491 confirmed cases in El Paso, with 49,308 reported recoveries.

For a complete look at El Paso's Covid-19 data, click here.

Edwin Delgado

Edwin Delgado is an ABC-7 producer.



  1. Just fyi- those 27 did not die yesterday, but over a span from October through November. But I realize to make it sound like they died yesterday is much more panic inducing.

    1. Everybody knows about the delayed reporting span and the reasons therefore. Nobody is trying to induce panic. They are merely reporting the numbers they’ve received.

    1. Wear a mask, wash your hands constantly, practice social distancing and shut down the border both directions. Why are there 1000’s of El Pasoans continue to cross into Juarez everyday?

      1. Because not a single politician on either side care. Crossings generate revenue for both sides in the form of tolls. You have local politicians in south texas actually fighting to open it up 100%. Anyone remember when Juarez travel was listed as one of the top three manners of infection. El Paso’s fuhrer decided we could not leave our houses after 10pm and closed small businesses. You know because corona gets stronger at 10:01 and attacks more at some stores. Nothing done about international travel. We only have Trump to thank for not having every single covid case in Juarez at our hospitals.

        1. We don’t have anything to thank the orange buffoon for but lost farms, almost 300,000 deaths, increasing out of control climate change, lack of respect from other nations, a devastated economy, rampant corruption in the White House, an endangered national security, devastating impacts on environmental protections, a trade war with China that cost us 300,000 jobs and which we lost, a weakened educational system for our children, rising racial tensions, a rise in domestic terrorist organizations, increased Iranian and North Korean nuclear threats, and no rebuilding of our crumbling infrastructure. This is just the short list. This was the very definition of a failed presidency.

  2. Be like me and just blow off these stupid daily reports. I go to the gym everyday and anywhere I want. I only wear a mask if it’s mandatory to get into a biz. If I wanted to go somewhere after 10 pm I would. I’m not a scared little pussy of a lame virus that in most cases it’s the sniffles or no symptoms whatsoever. Mark admits he’s scared of the virus and I respect that. He should stay home and wear masks if that keeps him in his comfort zone.

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