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El Paso at 70% vaccination rate, but expert says that’s no longer herd immunity

EL PASO, Texas -- El Paso hit an important vaccination milestone on Friday with the number originally linked to herd immunity.

70% of the eligible El Paso population, 12 and older, are now fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

But there's a word of caution, as the goalpost is moving for herd immunity due to the Delta variant.

Dr. Armando Meza, chief of infectious diseases at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, tells ABC-7 that the original 70% vaccination benchmark no longer applies - since there's higher transmissibility with the variant.

"The herd immunity of 70% was for the original strain... Now that we have the variants and the higher transmission rate than the original strain, then you currently need to have a higher immunity percent."

He said we might not be able to get away from face masks and social distancing for the next couple of years until close to 100% of the population is vaccinated.

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  1. We’ve gone from 2 weeks to years???? We’ll never have 100% vaccination as people age into the vaccine, people immigrate, people who refuse due to a variety of reasons- religious, health related, already have antibodies, etc.
    This is complete BS and these “experts” need to stop playing the fear card to the nth degree. It is going to make even FEWER people get vaccinated because why should they if it doesn’t do anything?

    1. Exactly. 70% is herd immunity. No wait 80% is herd immunity. No wait 100% is herd immunity. No wait. 100% and 5 masks is herd immunity. No wait. 100 % with 5 masks and a full body condom is herd immunity. It’s never ending. These leftist sheep with believe whatever they’re told.

        1. It’s the uneducated Charlie Dumbo. What variant? So far only three confirmed cases in El Paso. The same variant vaccines don’t protect you against. You’re a nitwit.

          1. there’s three confirmed cases in el paso. yet el paso has no way of testing for it, think about that

        1. On the subject of mandatory military vaccinations. New news.

          “As far as receiving a presidential waiver to mandate the vaccine before FDA approval, the defense secretary can do so only in connection with service members’ participation in a “particular military operation.” 10 U.S. Code § 1107, which states:

          (3)The Secretary of Defense may request the President to waive the prior consent requirement with respect to the administration of an investigational new drug or a drug unapproved for its applied use to a member of the armed forces in connection with the member’s participation in a particular military operation.”

  2. Based on what population figure? In the city or county? Interesting how the CDC just said the vaccines will not protect you from getting or transmitting the delta variant.

      1. Took the first one, got a bad reaction. Doctor tested and found out I already had COVID and told me not to take the second one. I will no longer comply.

      2. Hey nitwit Stevie did you get an antibodies test? You don’t need to talk to your doctor for it. Put your money where your big mouth is. LOL.

  3. As of August 8, 2021, 138,962 residents of El Paso County had caught CIVID. Out of that number, 2,766 people dies. That is 1.9% of those that caught it died.

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